A Time to Remember on Memorial Day 2017

It’s Memorial Day

On Memorial Day there are parades and cook outs and family get-togethers no matter the weather. Many folks have a day off from work WITH PAY!  Do we really understand how lucky we are?

The World Is Still Violent

Are we humans just a cruel, violent species? Are we destined to fight and scrabble among ourselves until we destroy each other and our world? Our veterans gave their all for peace. They have come home damaged emotionally and physically and too many paid the ultimate price. Yet we still hear of horrible acts of brutality every day. Look what just happened in Manchester England! Or what about the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, and the Fort Lauderdale Airport? And these are just a few examples. I could go on!

Our Brave New World


Security is tight. We use plastic see-through bags so everyone can see that we’re not carrying a weapon. We suffer through metal detectors and have our bags searched. I’ve even been swabbed for gun powder residue. This is the world we live in now. No one is truly safe. On this Memorial Day I can’t help but wonder what would those who died for our freedom have to say about it? Would they feel that their sacrifice was in vain or that we’ve squandered the chances they have provided to us?

Proud and Sad

I am so proud of our service men and women, so overwhelmed by what they have done and continue to do to protect this country every day. But I am also sad. Sad that there is so much hate and violence around the world. I’m very sad that in a country built on immigration and acceptance that there are still incidences of prejudice and evidence of hate crimes. Somethings just don’t seem to change, just the victims.

Honor our Fallen With an Open Heart

Its Memorial Day and while we barbecue and wave our flags, stop and think about the real meaning of this day. Think about those in our military today and the many who have served our country bravely. Open your hearts to the principals they stood for and many died for – Freedom; freedom of speech,  freedom of religion, freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness for all! Say no to prejudice and discrimination. God Bless America!

Memorial Day Thanks

As we enjoy the wonderful weather and a day off from work to barbecue and party, take a moment to give thanks to those brave men and women whose sacrifices make our life style possible.

Remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. They gave their lives that we might have ours. For them there is no tomorrow, no second chance at life or love, but thanks to them we have our life, our freedom and our chances to live.

Remember those who returned but suffered unspeakable injuries to body, soul or mind. Brave men and women traumatized by their injuries or the injuries to others that they witnessed or perhaps by the actions they had no choice but to take.

But these actions and sacrifices paid for our freedoms. They kept our shores safe. They stood up for our way of life.

As I think about Memorial Day and all that it stands for I am grateful to all who have done their duty to safeguard this great nation and our freedoms but I am sad too. I feel for the families left behind or the soldier who once able-bodied is now missing a limb or worse. My heart aches for those who returned so stressed and traumatized that although their body is sound, their emotions and  feelings are forever scarred. This is the price we pay for our freedom. This is the price our soldiers paid for us.

On this Memorial Day honor them, thank them and pray for them. Keep safe those who even today are  fighting for freedom in foreign lands. Pray that someday we will gain the wisdom to be able to put down our weapons and live in peace and respect throughout the world.

Always remember…

Thank you to Our Veterans and First Responders

On this Veteran’s Day I want to take a minute to say Thank You to all that serve. To those in the armed forces who keep this country safe.


And to those on the home front, those Police, Firemen, doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers…all those who run toward danger instead of away to keep us safe.

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May God Bless you all and may you carry an Angel on your Shoulder each and every day.