It’s Raining but Its not Raining Men

Its Raining Men – NOT!

Its raining and the prediction is rain for the next 10 days! I guess that even though we left April behind we didn’t escape the April Showers! The flowers, trees, grass, weeds and all the other spring things are definitely blooming. Now if the rain would just stop for a day or two…on the weekend.

What’s been happening?

Aside from the rain I’ve been working. I clocked 67 hours this past week.

I was so looking forward to doing something fun this weekend and then sharing it here but mother nature had other plans. Saturday it poured until about 2 pm. Then the sun did come out. You know that yellow thing in the sky? But where could I go with only a couple of hours? Its  Kentucky Derby Day and I love to catch that race.

I’ve been watching it for years and hate to miss it. Someday I plan to attend in person. Now that would be something to write about!

More Than Work!

Ok I did more than work. I enrolled in a class that runs 5 Thursdays in June. Its how to set up and design a blog. Maybe I’ll finally get the instruction I need to Tweak this baby! I can’t wait to start the class. And one other thing happened. I got my renewed passport back, not that I’m planning any overseas trips.

I’m still fixated on the good old USA. I also picked up a renewal of my motion sickness patch so I’m ready to get out on the ocean. Look out whales and sharks!

Captain John Boats

Speaking of chasing whales, I usually go out of Plymouth, MA with Captain John. I follow them on Facebook too. His feed has been filled with great whale sightings already this spring. Even the humpbacks have started to come back. Right whales, white-sided dolphins…I can’t wait to get back out there!

Rain, rain go away

All right mother nature. I’m all for rain. Its good for growing things but can you make it rain when I’m at work or asleep at night and give me some sunshine on the weekends? Please?



Be Careful What You Wish For!

Be Careful what you wish for!

Friday was about as wet and dreary as it can get in New England in the spring. The prediction was that it would rain all day. As I drove to work I thought what a great day it would be to stay at home and cuddle with the cat. (oh oh , be careful!) Saturday was supposed to be cloudy but dry so I planned another venture into Boston. I thought I could ride the hop on hop off trolley around the city collecting lots of pictures and ideas for future blog posts. I would then spend Sunday drafting those posts for those days when I didn’t have time to get to my computer. Well, I got my wish a day late; on Saturday.

The job that lets you be wrong

I was up early Saturday to bring you up to date on my conflict between my beloved blog  and the job that pays the bills. It was still raining but the weather folks continues to  predict a dry day. Oh yes, its raining now they said,  but it will dry out. It will be cloudy but dry.

Saturday Morning TV

At 9 am I put on the morning lineup of children’s programming. Its a whole series of nature programs starting with Jungle Jack Hana and wrapping up with Rock the Park at noon. I do enjoy Saturday morning TV. I settled into my recliner and was immediately joined by Rocky. He curled up on my lap, nice and warm. I could feel more than hear his purr rumbling away. It wasn’t long before I was sound asleep with him. I’m quite sure we had a duet going with both of us purring. When I woke up I checked the weather again. Same forecast, cloudy and dry. A glance out the window showed the wettest “dry” I’ve ever seen. I’d like to have a job where I could be wrong like that!

Still Raining

After lunch I ran some errands and did the weekly grocery shopping. By the time I left the store it was raining even harder. I could get the camera out and try to take some storm photos but I really didn’t feel like trying to keep the camera dry. As 4 pm rolled around and it was still raining I chalked the day up as a total loss. Hopefully the weather will be better Sunday. I can’t help but remember my wish Friday morning to have a dreary, wet day to stay home and cuddle with the cat. Just goes to show, you have to be careful what you wish for.

Monday Morning, Can’t trust that day

Monday morning, sometimes it just turns out that way (The Mamas and the Papas)

I woke up bright and early Monday morning. The weather report had said a storm was rolling in with high seas, rain and winds. Well it was certainly windy last night. With that in mind I thought after breakfast I’d give the GPS another chance. A folder with a bunch of GPS tours came with the unit. I could drive around and see if the weather cleared. My first whale watch wasn’t scheduled until Wednesday.

I sat at the table watching the sunrise. Maybe its because I was on the top floor but I had a lot more birds visit than when we were here in November. Oh the ever present Mynas were there but so were little finchy type birds including a pair of Redheads.



While I was kicking back I got a rather uncomfortable feeling. The meds I take for diabetes have the unpleasant side effect of making me prone to UTI’s. Now if I were at home such a development would be handled with a quick call to my doctor but she’s 3000 miles away!

To try to keep the situation under control at home I’ve switched to cranberry juice instead of orange juice. Luckily that was what I picked up at the TIMES grocery store last night. So out came the big glass and I rapidly downed 2 big glasses. My fingers are crossed that I caught it in time. I refuse to let a illness sideline me on this trip!

But back to my view from the pent house, I’ve heard we can see the whales from here  and I’ve been watching all morning. So far nothing but I’ve got my binoculars handy in case.


The sky has cleared considerably and the sun has come out. Even the surf has settled down a bit. I think it might be a nice day after all.

OOPS! I may have spoken too soon!



Best of Intentions

With the laundry done on Saturday I had no excuse not to get out on Sunday and do something interesting to tell you about. But when I woke up it was dark and it was raining…hard.  It was a perfect day for sleeping in and my bed felt so warm and comfy. As I’ve gotten older comfy has become very important to me. Even so, Rocky wasn’t going to be patient forever. He wanted his breakfast so began poking me in the face with his paw and walking all over me. Might as well get up.


I was thinking about making the drive to Vermont today. It’s quite a long haul from where I live but the news was going on about the beautiful colors this year. I’m not much of a leaf peeper but still I thought a dreary day might be good for photographing the foliage and maybe the rain would keep the fair weather tourists away.

rainy day (laff4k)

I wasn’t thrilled with my plan but I was determined to have something interesting to write about so off I went, camera and rain gear in hand. By the time I had topped off the gas tank and made it to the highway it was almost 9 am. I should be in Stow Vt around 1 pm. The most direct route was to take Rt 93 which goes through Boston. Since it was a Sunday and raining I gambled that the expressway would be clear and not its normal bumper to bumper nightmare.

I lucked out. The traffic was moving at about 40-45 MPH. Pretty good for that stretch of highway but the rain was getting worse the farther north I traveled. By 10:30 I was just getting to the Rt 95 Split just north of Stoneham and already my shoulders were tight. It had taken me 90 minutes to go 60 miles. At this rate I wouldn’t get to Stowe until closer to 3 pm, not 1 pm and I’d be looking a a return drive in the rain and dark. As the Rt 95 split approached my car seemed to develop a mind of its own and I was off 93 heading south on 95.


It took another hour plus to get back to Taunton. The rain had settled in for an all day drizzle and we need it but I was done running around in it. I made a quick grocery run and headed inside for the rest of the day. Still no big stories to share.

Time to put on the Pat’s game and welcome Tom Brady back to the field.


Better luck next weekend!




I’ve Been Missing You

The last couple of weeks have been nuts. Work was crazy, had to take time off for a medical procedure. I’m not sure about this getting old stuff. The doctors don’t leave any part of your body alone. They need to probe every nook and cranny. Those space aliens have nothing on our earthbound doctors!


7  consecutive days of rain so far and if it isn’t raining it’s cloudy and dreary and raw and cold. Not really weather for May.


Rain predicted tomorrow morning and evening but we might get a break and see some blue sky in the afternoon. Mother Nature’s way of saying Happy Mother’s Day!

My poor neglected kitties forgave me when their monthly “Kit Nip” box arrived. Although they find the contents interesting I think the box is still their favorite part.


Rocky is doing his imitation of the post office’s slogan “If it fits it ships”.


Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!