Anatomy of a Nor’easter

Ask any weather forecaster, there is a major storm on the way. 18-24 inches of snow, high winds with gusts up to 70 miles per hour and torrential rains once the storm switches gears.

Wide spread power outages are predicted.

6:30 am my alarm goes off. Is it snowing yet? Should I work from home or risk going into the office. I peek out the window. Nothing right now but there is a slight dusting. Must have snowed and stopped. I turn on the TV. Dire warnings. School closings. Stay off the roads!

8:30 am. The snow started up again. I’ve decided to work from home, not because it so bad now but because I’m afraid I won’t be able to get back home at the end of the day. It’s non-stop coverage of the storm… each prediction more dire than the last. Its like there is no other news in the world today. Even my bank has closed all of the branches!

9:30 am The  very fine snow has really increased. No fat, fluffy flakes here. The wind has picked up significantly. The forecasters are saying that the rain/snow line has changed so southeastern New England may get more rain than snow. Its raining on Cape Cod now. The blizzard warning from Boston south has been dropped.

10:30 am. Not much change. Still snowing. First plows just went by to clear the roads

11:30 am The snow is really starting to accumulate and the wind is howling now.

1:45 pm Looks like the change over to rain/sleet has begun.

3:30 I think the worst is over. The wind has let up and it’s just rain now. Coming down hard but still just rain.

No where near the 18-24 inches predicted. Just another day in New England.

I said Welcome 2014

I guess we didn’t give 2014 enough of a welcome Jan 1. It rolled in with a vengeance.  Almost immediately 2014 started dumping snow and cold on New England. The blizzard started quietly enough early Jan 2 but gained momentum as the day progressed really picking up steam over night.

Jan2 Blizzard 004 copy

There were reports of empty shelves at supermarkets as everyone raced to the stores to stock up on essentials, bread, milk, eggs, meat…funny the snack aisle was pretty hard hit too!


The Governor was on the news urging employers to send people home and close early. Schools were closed while kids rejoiced. 🙂


My boss encouraged everyone to work remotely from home and agents with tours were encouraged to reschedule. The message was clear! Stay off the  road. Stay safe.

Jan2 Blizzard 005 copy

The speed limit on the Mass. Pike was reduced to 40 miles per hour. And the road crews only promised to try to keep one lane open overnight. Forecasters are saying white out conditions! Doesn’t sound like fun driving conditions.

Jan2 Blizzard 008 copy

At least the snow is dry and fluffy. Sorry, not good for snowmen and snowball fights but easy to clear…and there’s another storm on the way for Sunday/Monday!

Jan2 Blizzard 001 copy

Did I mention that I hate the cold?

First Snow of the Season

OK I said a  four letter word.  Unless you are a skier or a snowboarder or one of those other winter sport enthusiasts,  the weather the last couple of days was not to your liking.

The Nor’easter the swept through the region brought rain and high winds and yes, snow, to many areas already hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. New jersey, New York and parts of Connecticut had just barely got their power back when gale force winds plunged them back into the cold and dark.

Here in Taunton , Ma it wasn’t quite as bad. The wind gusts were stronger than for the hurricane but for the most part we only got rain…that is until Wednesday night. The 11 O’clock news had pictures of heavy snow and skidding cars in Worcester, MA..but here in Taunton it was rain.

But we couldn’t hold out. By yesterday morning we too had a touch of the white stuff….but only a touch.

The ground wasn’t even “blanketed” which is ok by me.

By the time I left for work it was gone…melted..just a hint of things to come.

No…the word of the day was not snow it was wind. Driving to work took both hands and I kid you not, the car felt like it was lifting right off the road. It was kind of surprising that my company had linemen working. Even they were sending messages that it was “too windy” to climb. (Meaning the utility poles) But we did the best we could and today the sun is shining and the weather folks are predicting a warming trend and calm weather.

I sure hope so. I think we all could use a break. Give those storm ravaged areas a chance to recover before Old Man Winter really gets started.