Beautiful Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas

Beautiful Bellagio

Back in 2015 I wrote a post called Beautiful Bellagio about the wonderful dancing fountains. They are an attraction that is a natural fit for me. I love water, be it streams, lakes, ponds or oceans. Have you ever noticed the way the sun turns a waterfall into a veil of diamonds? Or a lake into a mirror? Have you ever tried scuba diving? That’s really becoming one with nature.

The Fire didn’t Stop the Show

In April of this year (2017) a fire broke out at the Bellagio hotel. The fire lasted about 30 minutes causing a tremendous amount of damage.  $450,000.00 worth! My first thought at the news was what happened to the fountains? I wondered if  they were damaged? Apparently not at all. The fountains bounced and dazzled the crowd on the strip while the fire raged in the background.

One! Singular Sensation

The fountain show changes all the time. In 2015  when the background music was from the musical A Chorus Line, the fountains danced and swayed to the tune of One, Singular Sensation, every little step she takes…

After 2 years, I now present the Dancing Fountains!

The Pink Panther stole the show

The night of the fire the Pink Panther stole the show. Spectators thought the fire was part of the show. As the smelly smoke reached the crowd they realized the fire wasn’t  background to the fountains and the Pink Panther Theme Music.

The Fountains At the Bellagio

In true “The Show Must Go On” tradition, the shops reopened almost immediately in an annex. It wasn’t long before the same shops moved back to the Bellagio hotel. With the damage from the fire repaired, life on the strip has returned to normal. The beautiful Bellagio fountains continue to bounce and dance and entertain. If you are in Las Vegas it’s a free show that is not be missed.


Beautiful Bellagio

I don’t know Vegas well enough to say what is the most beautiful or the most sophisticated or the most anything. Everything we’ve seen and experienced so far in Vegas has been over the top but I did love everything about the Bellagio, from it’s dancing fountains to the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

I have a video of the fountains but so far have not been able to complete an upload so until then here is a still photo to share the experience with you.

DSC_0581 copy

Chihuly in the lobby

DSC_0554 copy

DSC_0553 copy


DSC_0575 copy

The Gardens decked out for Chinese New Year.

DSC_0570 copy

DSC_0567 copy

DSC_0565 copy

DSC_0564 copy

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