Its The Journey Not the Destination

Its The Journey Not the Destination

How many times have you heard that in one form or another? Enjoy the journey. Have a good trip. That certainly applied to my trip to Bash Bish Falls. I got there from the Massachusetts side. But I left thorough New York. That seemed much shorter and faster.

It all starts at Exit 2

It all began with my plan to visit my mother for and hour or so. But that’s a long ride (4+ hours) for just a quick visit. I thought I’d combine   a visit with her with a visit to the falls. Vising Bash Bish Falls has been a  goal the last couple of years every since I first heard of it.

I left for the drive to the Falls at 8:00 AM and after a few quick stops for things like gas and water I was on the road by 8:30 AM. By 11 AM I was approaching exit 2 off the Mass Pike in Lee MA. My directions were pretty good. From the exit I followed 102 West to Stockbridge. In Stockbridge I picked up route 7 through Great Barrington.

I wish I had more time, the towns are gorgeous. Very photogenic.

To Turn or Not to Turn

In Great Barrington I picked up Route 23 to South Egremont where I was supposed to connect with  Rte 41. This is where I may have made a mistake. Before I ever got to South Egremont I saw a sign for Rte 41 South. Do I take this turn or keep going? I made a quick decision to take that turn and it didn’t match the directions from there. I drove and drove looking for Mount Washington Rd. Finally I began to see the signs for the park so I just kept going.

A New England Hana Rd

You may remember my harrowing experience on Maui’s Road to Hana.

Now I was on a winding, narrow road that kept turning back on itself in a series of switchbacks. Just as my mind flashed to the same type of drive in Maui, I saw a sign…one lane road ahead..and I was back on Maui all over again! Luckily unlike Maui, I didn’t meet any other cars on this stretch of road.

The scenery was beautiful. When I finally found Mount Washington Rd, I saw a marsh spread out beside the road. I couldn’t pass it up. I parked the car on the side of the road to get a few pictures.

This is where I finally got a red winged blackbird in my lens!

Then It was back in the car in search of the falls. I felt sure I was getting close.