When someone is not a “cat” person it’s hard to make them believe that cats have facial expressions and experience emotions.  To avoid “sibling rivalry” or jealousy I try to give each of my cats plenty of attention. Now that I work from home you’d think that would be easy. (Not!) I almost think it’s worse.

Let me give you an example. It was a peaceful morning. I was cleaning out my email inbox and the cats all seemed to be snoozing in various places. I got up to get a cup of tea and spotted Buddy on the big green cat tree. Usually he sleeps on my bed in the morning. I paused on my way into the kitchen to give him a pat and tell him it was nice to see him in the living room with the rest of us.

Cat trouble 001 copy

At that point I got the feeling of being watched. Yup, Rocky who had been snoozing under the heat lamp was glaring at me. If looks could kill I’d have been cat food.

troublecats 001 copy

I left Buddy and went over to offer a pat to Rocky who eagerly accepted my attention but that aroused Smokey who was sleeping on the cat tree above Rocky. His little paw snaked out to tap me on the shoulder. Ok, a few minutes of attention there…no harm, no foul.

Cat trouble 005 copy

I returned to the kitchen and picked up my tea. Back at the computer I had company. Rocky wasn’t done with his demands for attention. (What had I started?)

More petting and cuddling and Rocky hopped down. I thought he was satisfied and was going back to his sunlamp to sleep but I was wrong. He started circling the base of the big cat tree where Buddy was relaxing. He was fixated on Buddy.  I knew any second now he was going to start the assault right up the side of the tree.

Cat trouble 004 copy

Time to intervene. More Petting all around.  My quick run to the kitchen had disrupted my routine for 45 minutes and Rocky was still going.  He’s annoyed and jealous and letting me know it.  Every time I turn my back he gets into something. That’s his way of demanding attention.I guess I’ll just have to wait him out like a child having a tantrum.

more cats 013 copy

So tell me again how cats don’t have emotions???

The Good and the Bad

The ying and yang, alpha and omega, black and white….life and death.


Always a balance. When something bad happens something good needs to come along for balance. I’m not a philosopher but I know that many people much smarter than I  am have spent many hours contemplating this very idea.

Why am I bringing this up? Because I am caught in a BAD/GOOD  situation.

The Bad first because without that I wouldn’t have the good.

The Bad is that a very funny, gentle, kind man, a former marine who served his country, has passed away at the very young age of 30. I had the pleasure of meeting him. He was a celebrity of sorts as he was involved with the Gator Boys show on Animal Planet. On the show he went by the name of J-Mart and I saw him do his alligator wrestling show at Holiday Park . I even wrote a post about seeing the show and shared some of my photos.

FloridaMexico 444 copy

I now know his name is John Martinez. From the comments and the emails I’ve receive as a result of my blog I know my impressions of him were right. The loss of such a gentle soul makes me very sad.

Now the good, for me anyway. Because I wrote the post and because I included photos that were at least half way decent, I was contacted by the Broward New Times, Florida for permission to use my pictures. In return they linked to my blog. They even took some of my comments from the blog and used them in their obituary. That is wonderful promotion for my blog and for my pictures. What’s the  saying… there’s no such thing as bad publicity? I get really excited that my blog got found and is , in a sense, being promoted by a publication like the Broward New Times, and then I remember that someone has died and I wonder if I should be so happy. 🙁

FloridaMexico 457a

I also got an email from the Story Producer from Animal Planet. He too asked about using some photos. I don’t know what, if anything will come of that but it’s all so exciting until I remember why my photos are in such demand. And then I get sad again.

The whole set of photos taken at Holiday Park on that trip are on my pro website: I moved them to the opening slideshow as a tribute to J-Mart.

As much as I love the attention my photos and blog are getting, I would gladly skip the excitement if J-Mart was still with us. For those who knew him as a friend, his family  and to his fans, I am very, very sorry for your loss.