What Can Possibly Go Wrong~

Whatever can go wrong probably will!

I had a chance to work from home today because I have enrolled in a class to learn more about WordPress. Oh there’s lots of places to read about it but I felt I needed a instructor to explain it and answer my questions. Working from home would let me go directly into Boston. What could possibly go wrong?

I raced out of the house at 5 pm. My work phone was still blowing up with emails and I got a call as I dashed out the door. It’s also rush hour but the class doesn’t start until 6:30 so I felt like I had plenty of time. As I pulled onto the expressway I pressed OnStar and gave them the address. I didn’t want to take any chance of getting lost. I also wanted to know my eta.

Where’s the RUSH in Rush Hour?

Bad News. It was 11 miles and 54 minutes. WHAT?! 54 minutes to go 11 miles? That’s really bad. Turns out they were right. Shortly after I activated OnStar traffic came to a screeching halt. We crawled. I could have walked faster!

Then as if I wasn’t late enough, OnStar took me to the wrong address. I thought they were just routing me around the traffic. Nope. I have no idea where I ended up but it wasn’t where I wanted to be. After another call to OnStar and new directions I finally arrived at my destination at 7:30 pm. I’d missed half of the class.

No Need to be Rude, Dude.

I earned a really dirty look from the instructor who refused to accept my apology. His response was “Don’t expect me to hold up the class for you”.  Of course I was left without any direction to catch up. I was on my own. I finally gave up and logged into my new blog so I could follow along without messing up this space.

I picked up some tips but the most exciting thing is that I learned how to add Videos.
This is my first attempt!

I love this video of Buddy. It always makes me laugh and now I can share it! Yay!


Cherry Blossoms Afterall

I gave in. The temptation was too much. The National Park Service changed the prediction for peak Cherry Blossoms. It’s been too cold so the new prediction is March 19 – March 22.

I was all set to skip it but now I have another week and I just can’t stand not doing anything or going anywhere. I think the cold weather has messed with my brain. As Southwest Airlines says…”I Gotta Get Away”.

I booked everything so now I just have to get my work to approve the time off. I’m sure they will. I don’t have to bother my Pet Sitter  either because my friend Joe said he would watch the “kitty”. Rocky would love to know that he’s “the kitty”!

My Timeshare has a new perk. I can pay for my plane fare and hotel with my time share points. I book through their web site and pay for the flight and hotel. Then I authorize the number of points I want to use. 4-6 weeks after the trip is completed they send a check.  I’ve never used this perk but I’ve met people that have and they love it. So I’m going to give it a try. That’s the only way I can swing this on such short notice.

I also booked my “Dream Vacation” that I earned on my last trip to Maui. I was going to go to the Big Island but I can get a longer stay if I go back to Maui. So that’s what I’m going to do. I booked February again so I can chase the whales some more.

I guess its not safe to let me stay inside on a cold day! Look at what I’ve done! I’ve booked a quick trip to Washington DC for the Cherry Blossoms and a 5 day trip to Maui. I also renewed my Priority Pass.

You may have seen the ads for Priority Pass on TV. It’s program that lets you use exclusive lounges in airports around the world. Usually it cost $99/year but this is another perk of my Timeshare.  They pay the annual fee. There is a $27.00 charge per person each time you use a lounge but I’m told it’s well worth it if you have a long layover. We could have used it on the November trip to Maui.

Oh my, I lost track of the time. Rocky is teasing because it’s his dinner time But I’ll leave you with this last thought…I do love my Timeshare!



How to pack for a Trip

I travel a lot and often I pack at the last minute so I thought I’d mention my preferred method of packing. If you search the internet there are tons of suggestions and I have never done a “scientific” experiment to find the “best” way.

I don’t have much difficulty packing to leave but the return trip is a different story. By the time I’ve added the souvenir sweatshirt and the new T shirts I have a bulging bag.


I had a huge suitcase when I went to Alaska because of all the heavy winter clothes. It was fine when we left but it was overweight when I returned. Cost a bundle in fees too!


 One of the advantages of a timeshare is that very often there is a washer and dryer in the unit so when you are relaxing at the end of a busy day/ week you can toss in a load of dirty clothes. It is so much nicer to bring clean clothes home than a suitcase full of stinky, dirty socks and shirts.


But I digress….My preferred packing procedure is as follows:

·        Step 1. Open suitcase

·        Step 2. Remove Cat

Rocky suitcase

·        Step 3. place tripod diagonally in the bottom of the suitcase

·        Step 4. remove Cat again

RockyTravel 003 copy

·        Step 5. add pants, shorts T’s

·        Step 6. remove Cat one more time

RockyTravel 001 copy

·        Step 7. tuck socks, undies and sleep wear in the nooks and crannies

·        Step 8. Wrap any extra shoes or sneakers in plastic bags and tuck in next to the sides of the suitcase.

·        Step 9. Remove Cat for the last time

suitcase cat

·        Step 10. Quickly close and zip suite case. Double check the Cat is outside and not tucked into a nook or cranny of the suitcase

Rocky 001 copy

You’re done! 10 easy steps!

Rocky Update

If you have been following this blog for long you know that I am a Cat Lady. At one point I had 3 cats but old age, cancer and illness have been picking off my furry family. Rocky is 16 this year and he is the only one left.


Since I’ve been Rocky’s pet parent I’ve lost Little Joe, a Black and White Persian tuxedo kitty.

little joe

Then there was Smokey; a fluffy, sweet natured gray kitty. He passed away from a fast moving cancer in his mouth.

Smoke 001e copy

Before Smokey passed away our family grew again to include Buddy, another Black & White kitty. He was huge, tipping the scale at 17 lbs he was a gentle giant. Then as suddenly as he joined us he was gone, just a couple of years after we lost Smokey. Again it was cancer although tests didn’t find the actual tumor the abnormal cells seemed to be everywhere and my poor boy couldn’t breathe.

Buddy2014 005a copy

That leaves only Rocky. My concern was that Rocky had never been an only kitty. He has always been surrounded by a fur family. But here we are 6+ months since Buddy passed and all seems well. Rocky has become a cuddly lap kitty, something he never did before. He seems happy. Of course he has the run of the house now.

Rockyandme 018a copy

For years I worked a sort of 2nd shift, I left for work between 10-12 and got home between 7 – 9 pm. Now that I’m working a normal 9-5 shift I have difficulty getting “Lazy Bones” to get up for breakfast. On the weekends if I let him sleep in he doesn’t come around to eat until 10 am or so.


As you can tell, he gets grumpy if you wake him up!


I guess if that’s the worse problem we have then I’m very lucky.

Best of Intentions

With the laundry done on Saturday I had no excuse not to get out on Sunday and do something interesting to tell you about. But when I woke up it was dark and it was raining…hard.  It was a perfect day for sleeping in and my bed felt so warm and comfy. As I’ve gotten older comfy has become very important to me. Even so, Rocky wasn’t going to be patient forever. He wanted his breakfast so began poking me in the face with his paw and walking all over me. Might as well get up.


I was thinking about making the drive to Vermont today. It’s quite a long haul from where I live but the news was going on about the beautiful colors this year. I’m not much of a leaf peeper but still I thought a dreary day might be good for photographing the foliage and maybe the rain would keep the fair weather tourists away.

rainy day (laff4k)

I wasn’t thrilled with my plan but I was determined to have something interesting to write about so off I went, camera and rain gear in hand. By the time I had topped off the gas tank and made it to the highway it was almost 9 am. I should be in Stow Vt around 1 pm. The most direct route was to take Rt 93 which goes through Boston. Since it was a Sunday and raining I gambled that the expressway would be clear and not its normal bumper to bumper nightmare.

I lucked out. The traffic was moving at about 40-45 MPH. Pretty good for that stretch of highway but the rain was getting worse the farther north I traveled. By 10:30 I was just getting to the Rt 95 Split just north of Stoneham and already my shoulders were tight. It had taken me 90 minutes to go 60 miles. At this rate I wouldn’t get to Stowe until closer to 3 pm, not 1 pm and I’d be looking a a return drive in the rain and dark. As the Rt 95 split approached my car seemed to develop a mind of its own and I was off 93 heading south on 95.


It took another hour plus to get back to Taunton. The rain had settled in for an all day drizzle and we need it but I was done running around in it. I made a quick grocery run and headed inside for the rest of the day. Still no big stories to share.

Time to put on the Pat’s game and welcome Tom Brady back to the field.


Better luck next weekend!