A Day at the Zoo

I think the saying is “a walk in the park” but for me and my friend and her family it was a “day at the zoo”. Nancy has been working 3 jobs all summer so squeezing in our annual summer jaunt was turning into a challenge. We were down to the wire when a Tuesday opened up in all our schedules at the same time! YAY!  I picked up Nancy and her two children, Alex and Dawn, and we made a bee line to the Franklin park Zoo.

FPZoo 002 copy

I love zoos and it had been a couple of years since I’d been to this one. Nancy said the kids hadn’t ever been to this one. Located in the Dorchester section of Boston, Franklin Park Zoo is truly an urban zoo. You can even get to it by subway.

FPZoo 005 copy

A  really unusual feature is FREE PARKING! In Boston that’s more rare than the animals on exhibit!

FPZoo 010 copy

We had a beautiful day for our visit. The weather was sunny and warm but there was a breeze.

FPZoo 039 copy

There was a new playground since my last visit and we spent a good deal of time there.

FPZoo 030 copy

FPZoo 032 copy

We spent the whole day! The Zoo was closing up shop as we made our way out the front gates.

FPZoo 144 copy

We’d covered everything from the petting zoo to the Bird World.

FPZoo 126 copy

We saw the gorillas and the tigers and lions.

FPZoo 114 copy

FPZoo 106 copy

My favorite is the Budgie Aviary and I think the kids liked that too. They didn’t want to leave.

FPZoo 047 copy

FPZoo 063 copy

FPZoo 046 copy

FPZoo 052a copy

We also enjoyed the Butterfly enclosure.

FPZoo 021a copy

Alex was reluctant at first but pretty soon the turtles had his attention.

FPZoo 015 copy

The giraffe was a treat as it was right at the fence stretching it’s long neck to eat right over the heads of the crowd.

FPZoo 080 copy

I had to stop by the prairie dog enclosure. The sentry even smiled for the camera.

FPZoo 086 copy

Leaving the ostrich behind we made our way to the car after a great day!

FPZoo 109 copy