I’ve Been Missing You

The last couple of weeks have been nuts. Work was crazy, had to take time off for a medical procedure. I’m not sure about this getting old stuff. The doctors don’t leave any part of your body alone. They need to probe every nook and cranny. Those space aliens have nothing on our earthbound doctors!


7  consecutive days of rain so far and if it isn’t raining it’s cloudy and dreary and raw and cold. Not really weather for May.


Rain predicted tomorrow morning and evening but we might get a break and see some blue sky in the afternoon. Mother Nature’s way of saying Happy Mother’s Day!

My poor neglected kitties forgave me when their monthly “Kit Nip” box arrived. Although they find the contents interesting I think the box is still their favorite part.


Rocky is doing his imitation of the post office’s slogan “If it fits it ships”.


Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


Just a Walk in the Park

Wow this week got away from me! I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Other than having a busy work week there was only one other notable thing that happened. I finally got a harness big enough to go around my fat cat Buddy!

sleepycats 002ab copy

So with harness and leash attached we tried a little afternoon jaunt on the grass in front of the condo. Everything went well except my neighbor’s cat hated Buddy on sight and by extension, me.


Poor Moochie. He’s my “little Buddy” so I didn’t like him being upset.

cats again 012a copy

He’s so tiny next to my big guy but they could almost be twins with the black and white markings.

cats again 005a copy

The first trip outside went so well that we tried it again last night. Buddy was in his element. He really loves it. In fact he was having so much fun that he did not want to come in when the time was up.

He had rolled in the dirt and run down hill and sniffed the plants and flowers but all good things must come to an end and time was up.


I carried him back up to the front door but put him down to open it. Stubbornly he refused to go in so I picked him up again and lifted him into the entry. Now I had to put him down again to unlock the inside door. To my surprise he trotted right in.

But success was short lived. He plopped himself down next to the stairwell and refused to go any further. I didn’t want to “take him for a drag” because I was afraid the velcro fastener would let go and then the chase would be on so I bent over to pick him up again.

Sometimes I think Buddy is part Rag Doll because he turns into a limp noodle when he doesn’t want you to hold him. And that’s what he did now. As I tried to get my hands under him so he wouldn’t slip  he decided he’d had enough of this man handling.

He chose that moment to grab onto my head with his paws, claws out to get a grip and that’s how I carried him into the unit! As I bent over to release the harness I saw little blood drops fall. He got me good!


Now if I’m asked who beat me up I can say, my cat!

Farewell South Beach

Well it was my last day in South Beach.  I finally got to spend a little time with my favorite cousin.  Kathy and I had lots of fun growing up but we haven’t seen too much of each other as adults.

deb and kathy

Kathy picked me up in front of my resort and we went in search of someplace to have lunch off the strip finally settling on a little deli style place where we could eat at a table in front.

My afternoon was spent packing up and roaming the strip. I ran into some of the homeless folks that I’d gotten used to meeting on my walks. I was touched and surprised when one grabbed me and hugged me and wished me well.

For my last evening I decided to treat myself to a salad and shrimp cocktail right on Ocean Drive.Shrimp-Cocktail-2-800

The shrimp looked like mini lobster tails and were delicious. I rounded out my healthful meal with one glass of chardonnay. I got sticker shock when I got the bill. After I added the tip it came to $108.00! Wow! I could eat a lot of steak in Boston for that. But it was worth it.


The next morning my cab ($40.00 including tip) picked me up on time and delivered me to the airport with time to spare.

All too soon I was winging back to the cold northeast but at least my furry roommates would be glad to see me.

Twins 001a

New Tags

I’m so excited. (Believe me it doesn’t take much). I started using custom luggage tags a couple of years ago and they have made spotting my luggage easy and they are great conversation starters.

My first tag was of Rocky. The picture wasn’t great. I was still getting the hang of creating these little gems.

RockyTravel 006 copy

Then I upgraded to a better picture. Rocky doesn’t look very happy , does he. He hates when I pull the luggage out.

RockyTravel 004 copy

I’ve got more luggage now so I needed more tags so I’ve added some of Buddy.

more cats 001 copy

The finished product has my name and cell # so if my luggage does get lost I can be contacted and reunited.

Aren’t they cute. I just love them! Can’t wait to get the new order!

Its A Blizzard Out There

Yesterday an unprecedented storm struck much of the east coast reaching blizzard conditions in many areas. Washington DC, Pennsylvania and NYC reported record snow fall. As the storm progressed northward it wound it’s way through Connecticut into Southeastern Massachusetts. Falmouth, Cape Cod, Plymouth were some of the communities most hard hit but I’m happy to report that in my little corner of the world the storm was just a snow storm.


And I’m also happy to say that my condo folks were right on top of the clean up.



Not everyone was upset about the snow.


Enjoy your day everyone!