Good Sunday Morning World

I knew I might miss a post here and there but not for the reason that occurred. I was expecting to post less because of my busy work schedule not because I got sick…sort of.

On Thursday I felt a little “off” but since I work from home it was easy to soldier on in a pair of sweats and a “T”. I didn’t have to get all dressed up for an office. Thursday night I was soooo tired As I sat on the couch I felt a little “prick” in the middle of my lower back. I thought maybe I’d gotten a bug bite. I reached behind and could feel blisters and they were damp. Poison ivy crossed my mind but it didn’t itch and I hadn’t been in the woods in 2 weeks? I was mystified.

Friday morning when I got up the rash had spread and my back ached. So now my right side hurt as much as my left side which always hurts these days. Oh Joy. 🙁

I decided if it didn’t go away overnight that I’d go to urgent care first thing in the morning.

Well, Saturday morning I was at urgent care by 10 am. The rash had spread and was now all around my waist. It felt tight and my back ached a lot now. It was a 2 + hour wait to be seen but eventually a very nice young woman came in with her charts. After one look she asked me if I’d been sick, had chills or a fever or ever had chicken pox as a child. No, No, No, YES! and my brain had the answer before she cheerfully announced that I had a classic case of shingles.  (sigh)


I can expect 1-2 weeks of this before the rash has run it’s course. Hopefully that will be the end of it although pain has been known to linger for up to 4 weeks. She gave me an anti viral drug that will hopefully minimize the duration. It makes me sleepy.


Although other than the pesky back ache the pain hasn’t been bad, she said that could change (Oh Great, something to look forward to) and if it does to let them know and they would prescribe something for the pain.

So far in 2014 the stars in my financial house are shining brightly but the ones in the house of health seem to have taken a vacation.

So this weekend is flying past. Another beautiful weekend is passing me by. I expect I’ll take it easy at home today so probably won’t have much to share this week. So sorry folks. I’ll post what I can 🙂

Lets hope this is the last heath issue for 2014.


Be Careful What You Wish For

About a month ago, right before I left for my Tennessee vacation I received a promotion at work.  I applied with some hesitation because I was in pretty good place. I wasn’t working very hard and I was making an OK salary. I didn’t have to start work until noon and even then I didn’t have a whole lot to do.


I admit, I was a little bored and I wouldn’t mind the chance to earn a bit more money for those extra things but I was also very aware that I am willing to slow down a bit. I was getting quite a bit of subtle pressure to apply along with assurances that once I mastered the learning curve I’d only be working about 4 hours a day.

So I applied and I got it. Yay! It came with a raise and a chance to earn bonuses. It also came with a fast pace and tons more work. After the first week I really wondered if I’d made a mistake. I was really pushing to keep up and more work just kept coming. I never  had a chance to learn the ropes. It was sink or swim and I was dog paddling like crazy.


Now, one month into it I’ve begun to see the pattern. I’ve almost got a hold of the crazy workload. None of it is rocket science. I don’t have to be an attorney to do this job. I just need to keep an eye on the calendar, a lot of what I do is time sensitive. But I am busy and that was one of the things I wanted.  And yes, I’ve already made some of the bonuses.


The downside is that I’m really busy. I started out supporting 2 agents and have just added one more who is working in another state altogether. So I’m learning the ropes for a different state. Another learning curve.

I find I am mentally tired at the end of the day. My hobbies, which are cerebral, from photography to  reading to writing this blog, have taken a back seat. I just can’t concentrate by the end of my shift. I usually end my day chatting with the senior agent and it turns into a giggle fest because we’re both so tired we’re punchy.


So I apologize if these pages suffer. I’m having a blast with the new job but I’m not sure I’ll be keeping up the every day pace of my posts. 🙁 That makes me sad because I really wanted to meet a goal of posting every day but I guess no post is better than a bad post.


I’ll keep trying but forgive me if I miss a day here and there.



Add in a Little Blue Grass

I felt like a wimp after the moonshine tasting. I doubt those teeny little shots even equaled one real shot but my insides were now as warm as my outsides and it was 83 degrees! I thought I’d just kick back and enjoy a little local ambiance.

Outside the Moonshine tasting was a stage. The chairs set up were all rockers. I staked out a front row seat and began rocking away. I’d love to take one of these home.

Gatlinburg 097

Pretty soon a bearded “hillbilly” with a mandolin climbed onto the stage.

Gatlinburg 092

He was followed by a gap-toothed guitar player, a young banjo player and an even younger looking “fiddle” player.

Gatlinburg 087 He said usually they had a bass player too but something had come up that day and the bass player couldn’t make it.

Gatlinburg 102

Gatlinburg 090

I didn’t know any of the songs they played but I sat through the first set with my toe tapping to the music. They were pretty darn good. Turns out they have some CD’s out too. They were hawking them during “intermission”.

Gatlinburg 098

I stuck around for the 2nd set when a harmonica player from Pennsylvania sat in. The 2nd set was just as lively as  the first but it was time to get moving again. I was getting too comfortable in that rocking chair.

Gatlinburg 091