The Road Less Traveled

I picked the road less traveled

To paraphrase Robert Frost I took the road less traveled. Heading back home from New York I made a quick decision to take an alternate route. Traffic on the Mass Pike has been horrendous the last few trips so even if the route is longer I’ll probably make better time. At least it will be more interesting than the car bumper in front of me.

Sometimes Slow is Better

With no time deadline I headed toward Vermont on Route 4. I planned to stop at Quechee Gorge for lunch. There’s snack bar and a gift shop as well as the gorge. If you are in a hurry or just don’t want to walk far you can look down into the gorge from the bridge. But, if you feel ambitious, the view is better from the bottom. There is a well maintained trail that takes your down to the river. The gorge is 165 ft deep and the deepest gorge in Vermont.

Quechee Gorge

Woodstock Vt covered bridgeI found a covered Bridge

When you figure that there are over 100 authentic covered bridges in Vermont I shouldn’t be surprised that I found one. Actually I found 3 along my chosen path. The first was just outside Woodstock Vermont. No relation to the famous Woodstock Music festival of 1969. That was a farm in NY. I’ll call this covered bridge #1 because it didn’t have an ID name or number.

Covered Bridge #2Taftsville Covered Bridge

I’ve passed the 2nd bridge many times. I just never stopped to look. This one has a marker identifying it as Taftsville Covered bridge. This is one of the oldest covered bridges in Vermont and the nation as a whole. It’s only one lane so you have to wait your turn to cross. It was a a busy place. Lots of people with cameras and lots of cars lined up.


The Covered Bridge in Quechee

Quechee Covered Bridge

The surprise bridge was one in Quechee just before you get to the Gorge. OnStar told me to leave Route 4. I thought it might be taking me to a different section of the gorge so I went along. Almost as soon as I made the turn I spotted the bridge. Kids (teens) were climbing on the railings to jump into the river. Ugh! Scary drop! Lots of rocks! I guess I’m getting old because I’d never try that jump.

Quechee Swimming Hole


I turned around and headed back out to Route 4. The Quechee Gorge Snack Bar was calling my name.


I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Seafood Sam’s , Casual Dining on a Canal

Seafood Sam’s is Food with a View

Sail Boat cruising the Cape Cod Canal

Seafood Sam’s is a summer staple for me. Alone or in a group I have to make the trip to Sandwich, MA at least once a summer. Seated at a metal picnic table on a covered outdoor deck one can watch the boats cruising the Cape Cod Canal with a plate of succulent seafood to enjoy.

Seafood Sam's sign in Sandwich MaThe Seafood Sam’s Story

The first Seafood Sam’s opened in 1974 in an old laundromat. Tiny with no seating, there were only 6 employees. Their equipment was ancient but serviceable and Sam had a dream. Today that dream has expanded to  three locations, all located on Cape Cod. You can find a Seafood Sam’s in Sandwich, Falmouth and South  Yarmouth.

In the Good ‘ol Summertime

I like Seafood Sam’s because it screams summer to me. Nice breezes off the canal or ocean, fresh seafood, the cry of gulls. Its Casual Dining too so shorts and flip flops are the dress code. Comfortable is theme of the day. I bet you could even wear that Hawaiian shirt from your Aloha vacation!dining area

What’s your Favorite Summer Meal?

What meal do you crave when the sun gets warm and the soft ocean breezes begin calling your name? I wonder what food means summertime to you? Is it Lobster, clams, scallops? Do you like them fried, steamed, in a salad, broiled or baked? How about an old fashioned clam bake on the beach with lobsters and corn on the cob?

Seafood Sam’s Menu

fried seafood plate with friesYou may not be able to get a clam bake on the beach at Seafood Sam’s but you can get just about everything else. They have fish and chips along with everything else I mentioned and save room for dessert. I saw some chocolate chunk cookies that look like they were to die for! I resisted. My lunch version ( slightly smaller portion) of fried scallops was plenty filling. Like Goldilocks I found the meal that was just right!

If You GoSeafood Sam's in Sanwich MA

If you go expect that it can get busy. You’ll find yourself standing in line to place your order.I figure it’s just more time to study the menu board. Ocean breezes can make even a summer day feel cool so you might want a sweater or windbreaker if you plan to sit outside. At the Sandwich location be sure to visit the Cape Cod Canal Visitor Center. It’s right next door and filled with interesting information about the amazing canal. 

All those Little Things

Those Things you almost forget to mention

I’ve got a few things to share with you. A little of this and a little of that. Things I forgot to mention and things that just didn’t seem to fit in any place else. So today’s post is a little bit of house keeping.

The “Sandcastles”

This post really seemed to hit the spot. So I want to share a couple more photos. The first one is The Sand with the Dragon Tattoo. Catchy

Sand sculpted like a dragon

Then there’s the sculpture named Wishful Thinking. Who among us haven’t indulged in wishful thinking at one time or another? Here’s a little I dream of Jeannie magic along with the winning lottery ticket. That’s really Wishful Thinking!

If you’d like to see more of my pictures from the Competition, you can stop by Be sure to sign the guest book and say Hi.

My Photo Page Has Gone to The BirdsFlamingos

Speaking of my photo page link, I had it in my menu but it disappeared. I’ve been trying to figure out what went wrong. You should be able to see it and click on it. Its really bumming me out. I will get it figured out but it might be awhile. Technology is not my friend, its my challenge. I put together a lovely slide show with music. The theme is Birds. So until I get the link fixed, you can find my Birds slide show at



Did I forget the Dessert?

Remember the Birthday Celebration at Woods Hole? I never told you where we ended up for dessert. A birthday celebration needs cake and ice cream so that’s what we had.  Leaving Woods Hole we made a stop in Falmouth, MA at Cupcake Charlie’s . What a great way to have Cake and Ice Cream. Everyone can choose their own flavors. Its easy to see why Cupcake Charlie’s is called “New England’s Best Cupcakes”.

Sift Ice Cream And a Cupcake

“Life is Short . . . Eat a Cupcake”

A Cape Cod Birthday Celebration

A Cape Cod Birthday Celebration

What more could you ask for than spending summer time on Cape Cod. Throw in a birthday to celebrate and you have the ingredients for a perfect day. The question is, can you get there?

First there is the driveBourne Bridge to Cape Cod

 The only way on or off the “Cape” is over one of 2 bridges, the Sagamore and the Bourne. Which one you take depends on where you want to go on  the Cape. The Birthday Girl wanted a”lobsta roll” by the sea.  The Phantom Gourmet suggested Captain Kidd Restaurant in Woods Hole. The Cape Cod Birthday Adventure began at 10:30 am in Brockton, MA. About 3 miles from the Bourne Bridge traffic came to a complete stop. It didn’t matter that we were on a highway with a speed limit of 65 mph. Summer Cape traffic had brought our little excursion to a halt.

Cross Over The Bridge

We had reservations at the restaurant for 1 pm. By 12:00 we had the bridge in sight but we were still just inching along. Finally we squeezed into the 2 lanes of traffic to climb the bridge over the Cape Cod Canal. The views from the bridge are amazing, marred only by the suicide barrier installed to keep the depressed and hopeless alive until they can get help. What a depressing thought!

Captain Kidd RestaurantPicture window

Once over the bridge the traffic began to move and in less that 30 minutes we were entering the little town of Woods Hole. We spotted the restaurant as we waited for a draw bridge to close after letting several small pleasure boats pass from the inner harbor out to the open ocean.

With luck we found parking about a block from the restaurant. In spite of the reservation there was no room on the outdoor deck. The compromise was a table right in front of a large picture window looking out over the inner harbor.


Lobster rollsLobster Rolls were the lunch of the day as the birthday girl, her son and daughter all indulged in the seasonal delicacy.


I had to be different with a plate of fried sea scallops fresh from the boat. Trust me, you can’t mistake frozen for fresh. The difference is huge. Fried Scallops





We were all stuffed after that lunch so a break at the Aquarium before we looked for desert seemed like a great plan.



Downtown Rangeley and the Red Onion

Downtown Rangeley and the Red Onion

Main St Rangeley Downtown Rangeley is a little, tiny downtown. When I was growing up we used to say our town was so small that if you blinked you’d miss it. That’s Rangeley.   Rangeley is the center of the Rangeley Lakes Region, a resort area. Surrounded by lakes, woods and streams, the emphasis here is on outdoor activities all year round. Gives new meaning to neither rain nor snow, well you know the rest.

Small but Varied

The Red OnionIn spite of it’s small size, Rangeley has  a variety of shops. There’s an outdoor clothing store, the mandatory antique shop, a Real Estate office, a snack bar and ice cream stand and several restaurants. I parked in front of a photo gallery but it was closed. No worries, I was more interested in food at that point than pictures. The local eating establishments have a varied schedule according to the hand out I received  at the resort, but the Red Onion was definitely open.

Outdoor Seating at the Red Onion


The Red OnionRed Onion Swashirt

The Red Onion seems to be a landmark in the area.

It’s advertised as a pizza restaurant but I didn’t see anyone eating pizza when I was there. They have really cute t shirts and sweat shirts so of course I had to get one. My one and only souvenir from my trip.

My lunch was a buffalo chicken salad. It was made with a lots of different greens, onions and tomatoes and really spicy buffalo chicken. It was quite yummy and really hit the spot.

The interior of the restaurant is simple but nice with booths and tables and a rustic feel. They also have outdoor seating but it was a little cool so I stayed inside. There’s an upstairs too but the waitress said they didn’t use that since it was hard to regulate the temperature up there with the sun coming in through the windows.

They had a large dessert menu and even though I shouldn’t I had to try the strawberry rhubarb pie. It was worth the sugar and calories. I have to give the Red Onion a 5 star rating.Tables in the Red Onion

booths in the Red Onion