Moran Junction

Have you noticed everything is a Junction?

As we approach Moran Junction we need to decide if we’ll go right to Dubois or left toward Yellowstone and the inner loop.

Dubois will take us out of Grand Teton National Park. Going left we continue in the park. In fact there’s the entrance gate with the ranger.  My Gaperguide chatted away with the specifics of this ranger station as I approached the entrance. Being old has it’s perks. I handed over my life-long senior pass. No additional charge for me.  The ranger was an older man with a graying moustache. We shared a little flirty repartee.  I don’t know what is is about these western men! Such flirts but so much fun!

Oxbow Bend Turnout

Oxbow Bend Turnout

Not long after the ranger station I spotted Oxbow Bend Turnout. The area was filled with people and cars. Everyone had a camera. Some had tripods and expensive DSLRs. Whether armed with a cell phone or a professional camera, everyone wanted “The Shot”. Myself included! As if the views hadn’t been spectacular enough here was an iconic photograph. I was tempted to pull out the tripod but it was crowded. Hand held would give me more mobility in the crowd.

Mount Moran reflected in the Snake River

The only thing that would have made this photo better in my mind would have been a still water surface to enhance the mirror effect of Mount Moran. But in nature we work with what we have and I’m happy with the result. If you go, you have to stop here!

Jackson Lake or Signal Mountain?

Tearing myself away from this beautiful view I came to the next choice. Take a right and head toward Jackson Lake and Yellowstone or continue to the left on the inner loop. Signal Mountain Lodge was one of the few places still open in the “Off Season” So I decided to stay in Grand Teton and took the left.


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    • Thanks. I have to admit I was pretty pleased with it myself. It’s kind of hard not to take good pictures when its so beautiful there.

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