Deadman’s Bar and Dude Ranches

The Story of Deadman’s Bar

We’re coming up on a little dirt road that will take you to Deadman’s bar. It wasn’t in very good shape and I was concerned that my low-slung Toyota  would bottom out. Even though I took a pass the story of how this corner of the Snake River got it’s name is worth retelling. It’s a story of double cross and revenge.  In the spring of 1886 four strangers came into Jackson Hole to take up placer mining along Snake River, whose gravels were reputed to be rich in gold. Three of the men were friends. The trio had added a new 4th man to the group. The 3 men quarreled with the new man and delivered a severe beating. Later, as the 3 men slept, the 4th returned and shot them. He then weighted their bodies down with stones  and threw them in the Snake River. In the end the 4th man was arrested but in true old west fashion he was acquitted in spite of overwhelming evidence of his guilt. I guess its true that dead men tell no tales

Triangle X Ranch

Next up we pass the entrance to the Triangle X Ranch. The Triangle X is an authentic Dude Ranch that has been in continuous operation since 1926. Back when it started the “Dudes” wanted to rough it. Although the ranchers made it easier than it would be for real cowboys the guests still had the use blocks of ice cut from the river for refrigeration and logs for a fire for heat. The Guest Ranch is still in operation today. Its said that when asked why a cowboy would take on these city slickers that he replied “They winter better than cows”.

Elk Ranch Flats Turnout

Once this land was  owned by the largest cattle outfit in Jackson Hole. From 1920 until 1928 Josiah David Ferrin was the “Cattle King of Wyoming”. Eventually economic pressures made selling to John D Rockefeller Jr a prudent idea. Elk Flats Ranch now serves as home to herds of bison and elk that move south from Yellowstone to winter in the milder climate of Jackson Hole. Today there were a few Pronghorn grazing.

Pronghorn Family

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