United we Stand….

Its the Friendly Skies of United

I haven’t flown United Airlines in quite awhile. I’ve flown with Southwest and American and Delta but not United. I guess it was their turn. My trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming is on United. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I made these reservations. My flight was leaving Boston at 7:20 am. I’m mean really! Am I nuts? I was up at 3:30 am so I could leave by 4:30 so I could catch the 5:30 Logan Express in Braintree. I’m happy to say I made it along with everyone else! The bus was full. At Logan the United Terminal was also packed. Must be folks like these early flights.

Check In

I had an MRI done recently and since then my back is in worse shape than before the procedure. When I checked in online the website asked if I needed any assistance. I checked that walking long distances was a problem. I was hoping for a ride on the little carts that scoot up and down the corridors. When I got to Denver a personal attendant was waiting with a wheel chair. He brought me right to my gate for the Jackson Hole leg. He offered to push me down the jet way too. I told him I could manage that. When they began boarding the gate attendant sent me down first. Wow!

Jackson Hole Airport

I might have gotten the same treatment at Jackson Hole except they are a tiny airport. They had a wheel chair waiting but no one to push it. The gate didn’t have a jet way. We walked down a long ramp. At least it wasn’t stairs. The wind was howling so I wasn’t going to wait for someone to show up. I managed to get myself and my carry on to baggage claim. The winds were gustingĀ  70 – 75 mph but the sky was a brilliant blue. There was snow on the tops of the mountains. If the wind hadn’t been taking my breath away the view would.

If I ever have the opportunity to fly into Jackson Hole again I’m going for a window seat instead of aisle. I heard enough oooh’s and awe’s as we came in to know I was missing an amazing sight.

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