Pandora After Dark

Disney’s Pandora at Night

I returned to Pandora on my last night in Orlando. This was the big test. Pandora at night. I met up with Jr for a dusk Safari. Disney leaves nothing to chance. They even have  a fake sunset over the savanna. But that was just the first act. Pandora was the headliner. We passed the Tree of Life, barely slowing down to see the “Awakenings”.

Tree of life at night

This centerpiece of the Animal Kingdom has been endowed with a wondrous nighttime show. It runs every 10 minutes so there’s plenty of opportunity to take it in.

High Priest of the River of LightThe River of Light

The reason for the rush was that we wanted good seats for the River of Light Show. This is a fusion of lights, color and water. Images play on the sails of the ships and fountains burst from the floating lilies. Animals of light play across the the dark, splashing orcas, racing cheetahs. This is a celebration of life in light. Watch closely as you are transported across Asian jungles and tropical oceans to African savannas and North American mountains.

The Sound is OverwhelmingFloating lotus flowers

As if the imagery were not enough the music is loud. Very LOUD. That was one thing that I found distracting. The images were mesmerizing but the music was overwhelming. Its just my opinion but the sound was not in balance with the visual effects.

I made it my challenge

Capturing some of the brilliant scenes on camera became my focus. My favorite things were the floating Lilly pads. The show is only 15 minutes but it will totally immerse you. When the show ended it was time to check out “Pandora at Night.”


Last stop, The World of Avatar at Night

As you approach Pandora at night you begin to see the sparkling luminescence on the tree trunks. But there’s more when you approach than when you get inside the world. The walk ways do not light up as you walk as described in the Disney promo. It’s obvious that much of the effects are black lights, so 1960’s. The Na’Vi River Journey is interesting but that’s about all I can say about it. We only waited about 5 minutes for the last ride of the evening. I wouldn’t wait in line an hour. It isn’t worth it. We didn’t get to take the Flight of Passage. There was still a long line. That ride might have been worth the wait. But it will have to wait for next time.

Is Pandora worth the Hype?

My opinion? Fun, interesting but just as good in daylight as the dark. Not up to Disney Standards.


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