Exotic Animal Sanctuary Right Here In Massachusetts!

Welcome to Animal Adventuresfluffy bunny

The sun came out after all so I was off to check out Animal Adventures. It was really easy to find and only an hour drive. Once you take the exit off 495 you’re practically there. I was anxious to see what they consider exotic as far as animals are concerned.  The parking is minimal and cars lined the street when I arrived. I didn’t expect such a crowd.

First Impressions are important.

Ham Solo the Pot Bellied Pig

Ham Solo

It was a little after 1 pm when I arrived. As I approached the entrance I saw a well built play castle that young children were climbing on. A staff member greeted me and pointed me to the entrance where I could buy my ticket and get an arm band. I passed a pot bellied pig named Ham Solo. He made me think of my friend’s little pig. Those tails never stop wagging!

There was a presentation going on in the next room. It looked like a full house. So far the staff I was meeting were all very warm and friendly. I decided to explore the grounds first and catch the next show at 3:30.

Eurasian OwlWhere do they get all these animals?

As I wandered from cage to cage I felt very bad for some of the animals. The cages were clean but in many cases small and dark. The animals seemed to be well cared for if a bit cramped. They have some really interesting creatures. There are a pair of Eurasian owls, a red fox and a white fox. I don’t think it was an albino because it’s eyes didn’t look pink.Red Fox






A gorgeous serval  cat had it’s own couch to lounge on.There were bunnies and alligators, an arctic fox. (It looked like a mini gray wolf), a  bobcat, goats, a pony and monkey. (Deep breath) A turkey, a tortoise, some chinchilla’s, hamsters and more. There were snakes and reptiles for the folks that love those scaly creatures . I guess you could say something for everyone. And you know what, all of these animals are abandoned. They come from Zoos, private owners, shelters and breeders. These poor animals don’t know what it is to be wild. They are totally dependent on humans for survival.

I think the staff truly love and care about the animals and try their best. But it’s still sad.


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  1. Poor animals, but at least they are in a some what save place. Too bad they don’t have larger cages for them. Love the fox and owl.

    • I agree. They are doing the best they can with the resources they have. If I were ever to win the lottery they wold be #1 on my list to assist.

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