Is Lake Sabbatia a Paddling Option

Is Lake Sabbatia a Paddling Option?

As I looked over the Norton Reservoir I thought of another option for a quiet paddling location. Lake Sabbatia is even closer to me than the Norton Reservoir. I pulled out of Tang’s parking lot and headed back to Taunton. Along the way even more possibilities ran through my head. There’s Watson State Park and Lake Rico to check out too.

Watson State Park

As I headed over to Lake Sabbatia I had to drive right past Watson State Park. Even though it hasn’t opened for the season, cars were lining the side of the road. It’s a very popular place in Taunton in the summer. Only about 10 acres it has a playground, 300 ft beach and picnic area. Non-motorized boats are welcome. I expect it will open up Memorial Day weekend.

The Launch Area, Lake Sabbatia

Just past Watson State Park I arrived at the boat launch for Lake Sabbatia. It was really busy today! Dogs and people milled about. The parking spots were taken up with pick up trucks and boat trailers. While I was there several more trucks arrived with kayaks on board. They off loaded and lined them up at the side of the launch area. After the trucks were parked each paddler picked up their kayak and into the water they went.

Time to Leave

I watched a good size recreational boat  get pulled out of the lake. It was clear that I was in the way.  I’ve dropped by this spot many times and never seen it this busy. It must be the excitement of the  first nice weather of the spring/summer season.I took a  couple of pictures of a particularity cute dog, part pug , part frenchy, and it was time to go.



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