Not In Vegas

All of my co workers are off in Las Vegas for the annual company meeting so it is very quiet here at work. This is the first time I’ve skipped the annual meeting and everyone wants to know why.

las vegas

 Originally I had planned to go but the company would only fly me out for 2 days, all work meetings and then I’d be jetting back. I didn’t feel the jet lag was worth it. I considered using some vacation time and staying in Vegas at my time share, Polo Towers.

polo towers

Its right on the strip and I could have used the time to do some more exploring. Vegas is a fun place even if you don’t gamble. But in the end I decided my vacation time was better spent going back to Hawaii. That trip is only a few weeks away, my birthday present to myself.


I’ve booked one excursion which is a combo whale watch and snorkel trip. I’m looking forward to that. I’m still on the fence about trying a “Snuba” dive. Snuba is a cross between snorkeling and scuba. The mouthpiece or regulator that you use with snuba is connected to an air tank that is on the water’s surface either in the dive boat or on a raft with an air hose connected. You get to breathe through your regulator just like with scuba but you don’t have any clumsy tanks attached to your back. On the downside you are limited to the length of your air hose. On the plus side you don’t need to be certified for snuba. That’s important to me as I foolishly let my scuba certification lapse. I tried to get it reinstated but NAUI couldn’t find my records so to scuba dive means getting certified all over again. Not an inexpensive endeavor especially since I’d probably only go diving if I was on a tropical vacation.


The excursion I booked is with one of the many tour companies on Maui but I also want to go out with the Pacific Whale Foundation. I follow their posts on FaceBook . They are a non-profit organization that was founded to help save the whales from extinction. Everything I’ve heard of this organization is positive and since 1980 they have been leaders in educational wildlife watching and eco-tourism. I’m just waiting until I get to Maui to book anymore tours. I can probably get a discount at the concierge desk at my time share. pacific-whale-foundation

Speaking of the Pacific Whale Foundation, they present a Festival on Maui on February.  That’s World Whale Day, a celebration of all things humpback. The annual celebration is used to raise awareness and inspire action to protect the whales and their ocean habitat. It’s on the Saturday before President’s day each year but sadly I will not be there that day. I’ll have to keep that date in mind for next year.

Close to the Boat


In addition to my quest for the perfect breaching whale photo, I was hoping to be able to see the Iao Valley and the Iao Needle but it was closed due to rain and flood damage when we were there in November.


  I keep checking the official web site for updates on when the area may be re-opening but so far it is still closed. Since February’s the rainy season in Hawaii they probably won’t have made enough progress to re-open but I’ll keep checking.

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