You hear about shark attacks. California, Florida, Hawaii even Cape Cod but the shark attack off a Maui beach while we were there seemed to carry more punch.

Maybe that’s because the headline “Woman bitten by shark off South Maui beach” was on the front page, above the fold on Tuesday , November 15. Guess what I was scheduled to do that day?  I was going snorkeling. Yup I was going into that shark infested water to do my imitation of a great white whale.


I wasn’t even sure I could still swim! Its been so long. I tested out the pool first and found that I’m pretty buoyant. Its all that fat you know.

Don’t laugh, I kid you not! When I used to scuba dive I’d start the season with 30 lbs on my weight belt. As the season progressed and I toned up and lost weight I dropped not only  body weigh but lead weight from my weight belt. By the end of the season I’d be down to around 18 lbs of lead at my waist.

Right now I have more to fear from a shark attack than I do drowning. I bounce right back to the surface! Should be an interesting afternoon.


But back to the Shark bite victim.  Karnaole Beach is 31 miles from Ka’anapali Beach where we were staying. That’s if you follow the coastline, less if you just flip that tail and make a bee line.

She was 58 years old but she was a tough cookie. She told everyone to get out of the water as well as getting herself to shore! She was quoted as saying this wasn’t going to keep her out of the water. I guess most shark bites off Maui occur in October so this was a straggler.

Well, that’s all I have to say on the subject of sharks. I plan to get back to all the fun we’re having.

Until then,


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