Maui Ocean Center

One of the “perks” of attending the resort orientations is that they gave nice discounts if you sign up that day.

We knew we wanted to go to the Maui Aquarium so when they gave us a 2 for 1 price and it was valid for a week we jumped at it. Plus they gave us coupons for a gift at the aquarium. With passes in hand we hopped in the car and headed down RT 30. The Aquarium is right on RT 30 next to the Coast Guard station.


This Aquarium has the world’s largest collections of live Pacific corals. There is a mix of indoor and outdoor displays covering such diverse animals as sharks, turtles, stingrays and other rare marine life found nowhere else in the world.


Outside there was live entertainment while we looking at the outdoor exhibits and later enjoyed some ice water from the refreshment stand.


We plan on going back when Kathy gets here but this will be a preview.


Inside there are great exhibits, from the octopus to the white and black tip reef sharks.


There are benches strategically placed where you can sit in front of the huge viewing window and relax.


As we turned one corner we found a crowd sitting in bleachers. They were watching a diver and another employee was narrating. It was really geared to the children who were sitting mesmerized. But as an adult  I can say I enjoyed it too.


Then it was on to the “Tunnel” which is just a big plastic tube running through the huge tank. Fish, sharks and rays along with the colorful little fish swim over you under you and beside you.


Gives a nice perspective. The Maui Aquarium is one of the top 25 Aquariums in the US according to trip adviser.

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