Bad Blogger


Yep, that’s me. I’m a bad blogger. Is there a bad blogger award? I certainly would have earned it!


I should be making the effort and commitment to post regularly. That’s what all the “how to blog” books and posts say and I used to do it too. But then I started working full time. Well I always worked full time. It’s just that some of my work didn’t keep me busy all day. Not true of where I work now.

When I first started this job it was seasonal. I’d work 10-12 hour days for 3-5 months then things would slow down but things are changing in my work day world. The work load is being redistributed so that we’re busy all the time. My work load is a 12 hour day but there is no overtime so it’s crammed into 8 hours.


That means it is non stop go! go! go! ¬†all day. Plus I have to work from the ¬†office so I’ve added a commute to my daily duties. By the time I get home my poor brain is mush and the thought of facing a computer is overwhelming. I become a couch potato. I can’t even stay awake to watch mindless TV!

Well, a vacation is coming and boy do I need it. But that also should give me time to find interesting things to share with you.


I feel a stirring of excitement to get back to the printed page, the blank screen and put something there.

Soon, very soon!

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