Happy Weekend

I made it to Saratoga, NY last weekend where I caught up with my Mom and my sister. It was about a 4 hour drive both ways but it was worth it. I’m not allowed to say how old my Mom is but she is holding strong in her 9th decade so I think every year older deserves a celebration.

The drive was pretty uneventful driving  up. I always watch for wildlife but mostly I saw the usual carnage of dead animal carcasses along the sides of the road. The exception was the gang of turkeys that grazed by the side of the highway.

After an enjoyable lunch at the 99 Restaurant I headed back to Taunton, MA. It was now later in the day so there was a bit more animal life. I saw 3 deer, several turkey vultures, more turkeys and a rabbit. Too bad you can’t stop on the interstate for pictures.


This weekend I did get out briefly so I made a return trip to the sanctuary where I saw the fox a few weeks ago. It was later in the day so I hoped he’d be out and about if indeed he had a den nearby.

DSC_3399 copy

I lugged 2 lenses with me a zoom 24-300 and my big telephoto 300-500, in case he was farther away. I’m thrilled to announce that I was successful, at least in part. He is a fast little bugger so I only got a glimpse of him.


Things Keep Changing

Hi Everyone.

There have been a lot of changes at work and more on the way. What makes it hard is that a lot is just speculation right now. Makes for a very uneasy feeling. The biggest change is that we all have to work in the office. No More working from home. Its back to the daily commute. Eventually they were planning to morph my job (listing coordinator) into more of a hybrid where I handled both listings and buy side. Now they are re-thinking that. At the moment there are only 2 of us in the Boston Office that do my current job.


I think a lot will depend on how they can cover vacations. Right now my co-worker is on vacation so I’m holding down the fort. It isn’t too bad. The exception is she has one very high maintenance agent. The first day I was covering I had 18 emails and 3 calls from that 1 person. Ugh! Thankfully none of the others were that bad.

On the home front Rocky seems to be adjusting to being an only cat. He is eating well and playing. He is becoming very attached to his “baby” a toy he has had forever. He carries it around crying at the same time, a very mournful meow. I wake up with it tucked next to me in the bed.Rocky 001 copy

He’s also turning into a lap cat. We have quality time every evening for 30 minutes to an hour. I just love that. For 15 years he wouldn’t set foot on my lap, now as soon as I sit down he’s right there.

Rockyandme 018a copy

The last thing on my mind is Hawaii. I keep meeting people that have been or want to go. I love comparing notes. The most recent conversation centered on the Island of Kauai. That is the island of choice for the  friend I just spoke with. I don’t think my time share has a resort on Kauai. I still love the Big Island but we’ll see how Maui stacks up after this coming vacation.

Fake Hawaii 020a copy

Well busy day today with errands and chores…laundry, grocery shopping, eye doctor (annual exam), hair cut etc. Tomorrow I’m driving to New York to take my Mom to lunch for her birthday so I don’t know if I’ll have much chance to get back for another update this weekend. We’ll just have to see how the time goes.


Fifteen Years Later

It’s been 15 years since the planes hit the World Trade Center, 15 years since the plane slammed into the Pentagon, 15 years since flight 93 crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

Are we any safer today that on 9/11? That is a question for another day. Today we remember.

I still remember the images as if I am just seeing them. I remember the feelings. It was surreal. It can’t be happening. This is America, my home. Wars don’t come to our shores and yet there was the black smoke billowing from the tower, there was the plane, seeming to be in slow motion, crashing into the 2nd tower.  For me it is like yesterday. I will never forget.

So it came as another shock to realize that there are children that have no memory of the events that day. Children that were born after that tragic event. Of course when I stop and think about it logically, there will be young people that read about 911 as history like I studied Pearl Harbor.

And as we remember Pearl Harbor we must remember 911. Never Forget!



Labor Day Weekend

Saturday was nice but Sunday out did itself. Temps in the mid 70’s and a breeze that bordered on wind as it gusted throughout the afternoon. The sky was sunny and the day bright. If it weren’t for those occasional wind gusts one would never know a hurricane/tropical storm was working its way up the coast toward my neck of the woods.

Labor Day marks the end of summer and I was sad to see this marker arrive. I haven’t done even half of the things I wanted to do.

In the Rocks

No trip to New Hampshire, just the puffin trip to Maine and very little camera time in the woods anywhere!


I seem to move slower each year and I am much more of a klutz!

To avoid tripping over Buddy when he was so sick, I ended up stubbing my little toe and it appears that I broke it.

Buddy2014 005a copy

Of course they don’t do anything except possibly tape it. I let it get almost healed and then over do it and am back to square one. But I was determined I was not going to let this last weekend of the summer get away from me completely so I headed out with camera in hand to run through some of my favorite wildlife spots. Although I won’t share where I went ( I made several stops) I will tell you that most are Mass Audubon locations.

My goal was to spot some ducks but I didn’t find any, not one. Most places were very dry. The summer long drought was clearly taking it’s toll. Ponds were little more than mud holes, brooks almost completely dry with a few mud puddles.

I was lucky enough at the bog behind the Bass Pro Shop to see both the large and the small. Tiny turtles that were small enough to sit on the lily pads were sunning in abundance when a huge snapping turtle rose from the dark brown waters. His nose broke the surface water and you could faintly see the outline of his shell. I had no idea such a big turtle lived in this bog! No photo of the big guy. The water was just too dark and brackish.

DSC_3403 copy

At a more remote location I was thrilled to see a red fox stretched out on a rock enjoying the sun. I watched for about 30 minutes but he never looked my way. Occasionally he’d lift his head and look away from me or flick an ear so I knew he was alive but that was about it. I wanted to stay longer but I didn’t want to disturb him either so I thought it best to slip away, thrilled with the rare sight.

DSC_3399 copy

I ended my day at the Trailside Museum in the Blue Hills of Milton, MA. I was hoping to get a photo of a snowy owl. Turns out they have a pair, a male and a female but they were in an outdoor pen and there was no place to get a clear shot because of the fencing on the cage.

DSC_3391 copy

I didn’t linger as all of their displays are like that, red tail hawk, turkey vulture, bald eagle and white tail deer. All had “obstructed view” as far as the camera is concerned. One display did lend itself to photos and that was the river otter. I have to admit I wish I could say these photos were true wildlife photos but no such luck. I’ll have to settle for captive otter photos. (He was having a great time playing with his tail)

DSC_3390 copy

It was a beautiful day but as I headed home I became aware of a dull throb coming from my little toe. Guess I overdid it again. Darn!

A Return to Hidden Nook Farm

I have written about this little place in the past and it is still as cute and quaint as the first time back in 2013.

Alpaca 002a

Alpaca 024a copy

Alpaca 001 copy

Again in 2014 when we met the adorable Thumbelina.

Thumbleina 008a copy

Thumbleina 091

Thumbleina 113a copy

I had been following their posts on Facebook and knew they had a new addition to their little Alpaca family so I was pleased when I got a call asking if I would be interested in taking some pictures for them.

DSC_3317 copy copy

They are going to start selling end products from their alpaca wool, scarves, gloves, hats, etc and they wanted photos for a display.

DSC_3349 copy

I jumped at the chance, of course.

DSC_3340a copy

At first I was in the enclosure with the females and the newbies. Fiona is the smallest, just a few days old.

DSC_3325 copy copy

DSC_3318 copy

From there I moved to another enclosure where to my surprise the black alpaca came right up. Usually they are very timid and shy so this one was a bit unusual. I snapped pictures as he approached and then let him sniff the camera. Once he’d checked both me and the camera out he wandered back with the rest.

DSC_3375 copy

It wasn’t a long visit but it was fun. I can’t wait until they have some finished products for me to see and try out!

DSC_3380 copy