Lubec Sand Flats

Day 2 of the great Audubon adventure and the first full day of birding.

Breakfast was at 6 am. Better than 3:30 but still not my normal wake up time.

We all piled in the 2 vans for the short drive to the Lubec Sand Flats. The weather was overcast and threatening to rain. It made me glad I’d decided to buy some rain gear at Bass Pro Shops for this trip.

DSC_2901 copy

It was low tide when we arrived and the clam diggers were already at work. They drive right out to the water’s edge. A Bald Eagle perched on a rock . The clammers drove right past the big bird but it didn’t seem to phase him. Maybe this is a routine?

light house copy

No one from our group seemed excited about the eagle except me. I love bald eagles. What had my fellow team members excited were all the little birds. Right off we saw swallows. The guides identified tree swallows, cliff swallows and barn swallows.

This is just one shot of the trees where the birds were flying around. I count 6 birds. Do you?  I’m beginning to see this birding thing can be quite challenging. Not quite like sitting in the backyard and counting blue jays.

Birds copy

After taking our time watching the swallows we walked across the sand flat to a swale. There was a little puddle and lots of bushes. We spent quite a bit of time there watching little sparrows and other little birds flit about. The birders had spotting scopes so when one would sit long enough we’d all take turns getting a look.

Shortly before we left to pile back in the vans someone spotted a black duck. Can you see it? That was my view.

DSC_2888 copy

The enlargement below is the actual duck.

DSC_2890 copy

Next Stop, Quoddy Head State park.

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