And Now You Know the Rest of the Story

I left the dealership feeling pretty good about my purchase. It may not be coming at the time I planned but I was starting to get excited about it.


It was time to get my feet back on the ground and address the problem of getting my poor old baby back home.

It sounded worse than ever when I turned the key and it tried to stall anytime I let up on the gas. I managed to make it up the hill out of the dealership and made a right turn. Less than 100 yards later it stopped dead. I got it to turn over one more time and run long enough to get it into an empty parking lot.

Time for AAA. They arrived in about 20 minutes and had me loaded up for the drive home. I’m not going to try to drive it again. 2 tows in one day is enough. It’s done.

RIP little White Saturn. You’ve been a good reliable car for 15 years. I will miss you.


As soon as I got inside I logged on and found a charity to donate the car to. I hope to hear from them this week to arrange a pick up.

In the meantime I have to track down the title. I tried to order a duplicate but the bank never released the lien at the registry.   I can see what I’ll have to do tomorrow when the bank opens to get them to release something from 10 years ago. It’s never easy is it!

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