I’ve Been Missing You

The last couple of weeks have been nuts. Work was crazy, had to take time off for a medical procedure. I’m not sure about this getting old stuff. The doctors don’t leave any part of your body alone. They need to probe every nook and cranny. Those space aliens have nothing on our earthbound doctors!


7 ┬áconsecutive days of rain so far and if it isn’t raining it’s cloudy and dreary and raw and cold. Not really weather for May.


Rain predicted tomorrow morning and evening but we might get a break and see some blue sky in the afternoon. Mother Nature’s way of saying Happy Mother’s Day!

My poor neglected kitties forgave me when their monthly “Kit Nip” box arrived. Although they find the contents interesting I think the box is still their favorite part.


Rocky is doing his imitation of the post office’s slogan “If it fits it ships”.


Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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