Mermaid Kisses ~ Starfish Wishes

This was quite a weekend. Memorial day 2016 ranged from HOT HOT HOT to cool and rainy. Something for everyone.

Saturday was the best day and my original plan was to head to the beach. But after some thought I decided on a whale watch. I figured if it was 90 degrees and the first weekend of the summer that I would be one of many who would be heading to the beach. So Instead I headed to Plymouth and the Captain John Boats.

I stopped for lunch at Cabby Shack where I spotted the wall art quoted in the title.


I just like the whimsy.


Once I had lunch out of the way I headed over to the boat. I was very early but once again I was concerned about summer crowds. Turns out it wasn’t too bad.


Whale's Tail-2a

If it was 90 degrees on shore the temperature dropped like a stone once we left the harbor. I was glad I brought a warm hoodie. The trip took us the the same place we always seem to end up, the tip of Cape Cod just off Provincetown. There, with the Pilgrim Tower in the background, we spotted out first and only whale of the day.

Whales 074a copy


It was a juvenile humpback. Our Naturalist estimated it was the calves’s first year without its mother.  A sighting of such a young animal is rare according to the naturalist. Once the more mature whales arrive you don’t see these “yearlings” so often.

Whale's Tail

Our “little guy” was very active. He’d surface, cruise then we’d see him “hump” his back, the tail would start up and then there it was, the fluke indicating he was going into a dive. He’s be gone about 5-6 minutes then do it all again.

Here’s the back

There's the back

There’s the back

He comes the tail



And there’s the fluke.

There's the Tail

There’s the Tail

What a great day!


Thinking about Hawaii

Hi everyone. It’s been a crazy week. I thought I’d have a quiet work week with my main agent on vacation but surprise, surprise. She  created an out of office message telling everyone to contact me! My quiet week turned into  work HELL!

I also found out I am getting another agent because one of the new support people isn’t keeping up.  Transitioning the new agent over starts Monday.

I’ve also been trying to get the release from the bank for my car’s title. Can you believe that when I requested a duplicate so I could donate my old car that the bank never removed the lien!? The car has been paid off for at least 10 years. What a mess!

So in between all this I started researching things to do on Maui HI. I know that trip is quite a way in the future but it was relaxing to poke around for things to do. Of course the number 1 thing I want to do is Whale Watch. The season is November to May so it will be early in the season (November) but we can hope there will be some action.


The number 2 thing is “The Road to Hana”. Do I drive or tour??? If I drive we can stop where we want , when we want but I won’t be able to enjoy the scenery while I’m driving. If we tour we give up control but I can see everything. Maybe I should do it twice, once as a tour and once as a drive. Anyone who has been there and done that? Any suggestions?


The number 3 thing on my list is snorkeling at Molokini, a crescent shaped crater that is the premier spot for snorkeling, snuba and scuba. That’s as far as I’ve had time to get.



I know a big attraction is sunrise on Haleakala. I’ve read a lot about that. One article even said the best day to get up for the sunrise is your first day on Maui because you won’t be on Hawaii time yet.


Right now I’m just working up my rough to-do list. We have almost 2 weeks there, 11 days so there’s lots of time to fill. I hear the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium is another must-do.


I’m sure you will see many more posts as I get this trip sorted out. Any thoughts or suggestions?



And Now You Know the Rest of the Story

I left the dealership feeling pretty good about my purchase. It may not be coming at the time I planned but I was starting to get excited about it.


It was time to get my feet back on the ground and address the problem of getting my poor old baby back home.

It sounded worse than ever when I turned the key and it tried to stall anytime I let up on the gas. I managed to make it up the hill out of the dealership and made a right turn. Less than 100 yards later it stopped dead. I got it to turn over one more time and run long enough to get it into an empty parking lot.

Time for AAA. They arrived in about 20 minutes and had me loaded up for the drive home. I’m not going to try to drive it again. 2 tows in one day is enough. It’s done.

RIP little White Saturn. You’ve been a good reliable car for 15 years. I will miss you.


As soon as I got inside I logged on and found a charity to donate the car to. I hope to hear from them this week to arrange a pick up.

In the meantime I have to track down the title. I tried to order a duplicate but the bank never released the lien at the registry.   I can see what I’ll have to do tomorrow when the bank opens to get them to release something from 10 years ago. It’s never easy is it!

The Hunt for a New Car

Since I knew the time was coming when I would need to say good-bye to my old Saturn, I’d started to do some searching online about various cars and trucks. I knew I wanted more cargo space so that meant an SUV or a truck.

I wasn’t thrilled with having to shovel out the truck bed in the winter but I liked the idea of having that open bed if I wanted to set up the tripod and take some shots of something over the heads of a crowd. Then there is the make to consider; Honda, Chevy Toyota, Kia, Ford  and the list goes on and on.

I’ve rented a lot of Toyota’s. They seem to be popular with car rental companies but I’m just never comfortable in them. I just don’t like the way they drive. I know they are really popular and have a great reputation but I set them aside.

I keep circling back to GMC products. My last 2 cars were Saturn’s which were GMC step children and I loved both cars. In fact, my current Saturn still looks good even if it isn’t running. If Saturn was still around it would be no contest. I’d be back in their showroom.


The mechanics got my car running again but it was loud and rough and they couldn’t give me any guarantees. My first thought was to get it home and parked but then I realized I needed transportation to a dealership. Instead of heading home I turned the opposite way. I made it as far as  McGee Chevrolet. Guess that solves one question.

I had a great Salesman. I gave him my list of requests, I wanted GPS, a hot spot, cargo space, front wheel drive and power locks & windows. I did not want  4 wheel or all wheel drive because of the tire balancing issue.  If possible I wanted the color white.

Jeff showed me a couple of models and I decided on the Equinox because of the extra cargo space. Its only a 4 cylinder so it should get good gas mileage. The only thing I couldn’t get was the color white. I didn’t want to wait for them to look for a white car. I needed a car asap. They had a gray one on the lot so that was it. I took it for a test drive and signed the papers.


Monday morning they will run it to the registry for plates and give me a call. By this time tomorrow I’ll have wheels again.