The Butterflies of Westford

Butterflies, harbingers of spring, gentle bits of gossamer floating on the breeze. Who does’t love those happy bits of color?

Well it seems that not everyone likes butterflies.

Butterfly Place

Our afternoon was visiting the Butterfly Place in Westford. It isn’t as large as the butterfly¬†conservatory in South Deerfield. We’d been to Magic Wings several years ago and Alex wasn’t pleased with the large blue butterflies that seemed (to him) to swoop and dive bomb him. But Alex was older now so it should be ok , right?

Alex and Dawn entered the indoor gardens quickly enough but soon were looking to make their escape. Alex left first and watched from the window.

DSC_2336 copy

Dawn lasted longer but was clearly restless. Both children were ready to leave before my camera had even had a chance to acclimate.

DSC_2341 copy

The camera had been in the trunk of the car to give everyone more room so going from the cool outside air into the humid 80 degree environment the butterflies need caused the lens to fog. That was to be expected and the only thing I know to do is to wait patiently and let nature take care of the condensation.

DSC_2346 copy

I did try to take few pictures with the foggy lens treating it as a diffuser. I was pleased by the result.

DSC_2338 copy

In addition to the butterflies I recognized a Zebra Finch but there were several other colorful birds as well.

DSC_2352 copy

I don’t know what they were. Some children were calling the rainbow birds and that’s as good as anything considering their bright colors.

DSC_2350 copy_edited-1

DSC_2347 copy

The quail were out in force and quite active running between visitors feet.

DSC_2353 copy

DSC_2387 copy

There were quite a few people there, many with cameras but it was challenging.

DSC_2365 copy

Butterflies don’t stick around in one place for long and when one lights you need to be quick, jockeying for a chance for a shot before someone else pushes by you.

DSC_2359 copy

DSC_2361 copy

DSC_2363 copy

They have a “quiet hour” from 9 – 10 am for photographers only. You need to let them know the day before that you are coming. I think I just might try that.I’m adding it to my list!

DSC_2354 copy

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