A Trace is still a Trace

My sister was tracing my mother’s side of the family tree and said she found a Native American in our linage.


I thought this was just great. I’ve always felt a connection to Native Americans.


Of course I started asking for more information that she just didn’t have so finally I submitted my saliva (aka spit) to Ancestry.com. It seemed to take forever. Every couple of weeks I’d get an email from them with an update…we have your sample…we’ve submitted your sample…your sample is being analyzed…Then the big day came. I got an email with the title: Great News! Your DNA results are in!.


I was so excited!

When I checked the result I felt a little like the Ancestry.com TV ad where the guy says “Growing up we were German then I submitted my DNA to Ancestry.com and found out we were Scottish. I traded my Lederhosen  for a kilt.”

My heritage breakdown was

33%  Irish


26%  Great Britain


11%  Western Europe


But where was the Native American? In fact where was Canadian? I know my maternal grandparents were French Canadian! But I really wanted the Native American bloodline.  I felt so let down. But wait, there’s a tab that says “America Trace”. I clicked it and there it was…Native American, just a trace but that’s ok.


At least I have a little bit flowing through my veins.

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