Farewell South Beach

Well it was my last day in South Beach.  I finally got to spend a little time with my favorite cousin.  Kathy and I had lots of fun growing up but we haven’t seen too much of each other as adults.

deb and kathy

Kathy picked me up in front of my resort and we went in search of someplace to have lunch off the strip finally settling on a little deli style place where we could eat at a table in front.

My afternoon was spent packing up and roaming the strip. I ran into some of the homeless folks that I’d gotten used to meeting on my walks. I was touched and surprised when one grabbed me and hugged me and wished me well.

For my last evening I decided to treat myself to a salad and shrimp cocktail right on Ocean Drive.Shrimp-Cocktail-2-800

The shrimp looked like mini lobster tails and were delicious. I rounded out my healthful meal with one glass of chardonnay. I got sticker shock when I got the bill. After I added the tip it came to $108.00! Wow! I could eat a lot of steak in Boston for that. But it was worth it.


The next morning my cab ($40.00 including tip) picked me up on time and delivered me to the airport with time to spare.

All too soon I was winging back to the cold northeast but at least my furry roommates would be glad to see me.

Twins 001a

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  1. Kathy looks good. I have not seen her in a couple of years. $108 that was a bit expensive for one person. Heck didn’t cost that much for our steak dinner with those 2 huge carrot cakes in Texas on the River Walk.

    • That’s an old picture but the only one I had. Kathy looks the same 🙂
      Yes I thought it was a bit expensive too but I guess that’s what you get when you hob nob with the beautiful people

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