Bayside Miami

At the Bayside we were herded off the bus and led through the complex of shops, stalls and retail outlets to the marina. Before we boarded our boat for the Boat Tour we had to have our lunch.

The Tradewinds was expecting us with special menus geared to quick preparation and service. The Tradewinds is outdoor dining on a covered deck. You are protected from a passing rain shower but not from marauding sea gulls , as I was about to find out.

DSC_2214 copy

I was sitting with a mother and daughter who was visiting America for the first time. We had a bit of a language barrier but there were still lots of smiles. I am not a big taco fan so I ordered the fried shrimp which came with tons of french fries. I’d just settled my plate and had a shrimp in my hand when I was dived bombed from behind. Something hit the back of my head and tumbled over my shoulder. It was a  big old seagull! (Mine, mine, mine).

Animal Kingdom 035 copy

It landed right on my french fries, grabbed a beak-full and took off. Everyone at the table froze in shock and then we started to laugh.  We spent the rest of the lunch on high alert protecting our meals.The restaurant wouldn’t replace my french fries but that was ok. I only wanted the shrimp anyway.

As everyone was gathering after lunch to get ready to trek over to the boat I went in search of the parrot man we’d passed on the way in. I love these beautiful birds but could never have one as a pet myself. They would outlive me for sure but I can enjoy them when I run across these folks who share their pets (for a price).

DSC_2216 copy

Time to board our boat for the views of the Islands of Biscayne Bay and the homes of Miami’s rich and famous.

DSC_2225 copy

Once again we passed the “Fast & Furious” bridge. The drawbridge was open this time.

DSC_2229 copy

DSC_2227 copy

As we slowly cruised by these beautiful homes our tour guide played the music associated with the stars, maybe a theme song from a movie or if the celeb was a musician one of their hits. He shared a snippet about each property. Everything from the price tag to the history of the ownership. It was relaxing and enjoyable although not being a big celebrity follower, I couldn’t tell you much about who owned what.

DSC_2230 copy

As we headed back to the marina everyone crowed the bow for pictures of the Miami skyline.

DSC_2243 copy

DSC_2233 copy

Meanwhile back at the Bayside some free entertainment was getting warmed up. It was time to salsa and I don’t mean on chips. I spent the rest of my afternoon there while my tour companions scattered to shop or drink.

DSC_2235 copy

Eventually it was time to catch the bus back to South Beach. It was a very nice day!

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  1. You and the birds, that is such a familiar site, you holding one bird while the other sits on your shoulder. 🙂 Looks just like Hawaii.

    • Sure does. Memories! Hawaii was the first time I ever got to hold parrots like that. I bet you would be right there with me because you love birds more than I do!

    • I’ve never been to Cape Coral but you’re right, the homes do look a lot alike, the big boats too. We didn’t see any coconuts or marine life. I’m not sure the manatees go into the bay although I imagine dolphins might. Thank you for sharing your link. I enjoyed you pictures and observations 🙂

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