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The Butterflies of Westford

Butterflies, harbingers of spring, gentle bits of gossamer floating on the breeze. Who does’t love those happy bits of color? Well it seems that not everyone likes butterflies. Our afternoon was visiting the Butterfly Place in Westford. It isn’t as … Continue reading

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The Comet Diner

Last weekend was beautiful, almost T shirt weather. The sun was shining and what little snow was left was rapidly melting. Quite a change from the -10 weather of the previous weekend. So with the sun in my eyes, my … Continue reading

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A Trace is still a Trace

My sister was tracing my mother’s side of the family tree and said she found a Native American in our linage. I thought this was just great. I’ve always felt a connection to Native Americans. Of course I started asking … Continue reading

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I am a Wimp

I am a wimp. There I admit it. Last weekend the cold in the northeast smashed all records. With wind chills we were being warned about frost bite in 10 minutes! With this dire prediction I got up at 4:30 … Continue reading

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We’ve been to Hawaii…in fact we’ve been twice. Once to the Big Island and once to Oahu. When we were on the Big Island we went looking for a Green Sand Beach. We never found it but I finally met … Continue reading

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California Adventure

After dinner at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel I walked into a Disney themed retail area right out the back door of the hotel. Strolling along this section was similar to Disney Boardwalk in Orlando, just much smaller. That seemed to be … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s the middle of February all ready! Happy Valentine’s Day. Even if your single, celebrate with best friend, you!

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It seemed like I just got home and we were into the holidays, Christmas and New Years and then it was the middle of January and time for our annual company meeting. I’m breaking my rule about talking about work … Continue reading

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Farewell South Beach

Well it was my last day in South Beach.  I finally got to spend a little time with my favorite cousin.  Kathy and I had lots of fun growing up but we haven’t seen too much of each other as … Continue reading

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Bayside Miami

At the Bayside we were herded off the bus and led through the complex of shops, stalls and retail outlets to the marina. Before we boarded our boat for the Boat Tour we had to have our lunch. The Tradewinds … Continue reading

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