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Chasing Puffins Again

Some of you may remember that back in 2012 I went on a “Quest” to photograph those clowns of the sea, Puffins. I went to Maine, joined a boat tour and headed off to Machias Seal Island. It was cold, … Continue reading

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Food, Fun and Sun

The Scallop Festival opened up at 10 AM. Now I may love scallops but I don’t know about eating a plate at 10 am. Somehow my tummy just isn’t ready for it at that time. Besides, we’d just had a … Continue reading

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Frankly My Dear, I don’t Give a Clam

News flash…Summer is not over. Nope not at all. Don’t believe me? Just ask my sister. We just had an awesome weekend. ┬áIn my family you don’t just go visit someone. You need an excuse like a wedding or funeral … Continue reading

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That Made My Day

Some days things just don’t get any better and then something happens that proves there are still nice people in the world. Not that I ever doubted it since I have many nice people in my life. I had a … Continue reading

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A Little Behind

Yes I missed Labor Day, the unofficial start of fall. Of course we’re in the middle of a heat wave in Boston so why worry about the end of summer! 9/11. Yes, I missed posting my thoughts on this terrible … Continue reading

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