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Make way for Ducklings

Although different birds mate at different times, spring is in fulls wing here in New England. So it seemed strange to me that I had not seen any baby ducks.The swans are still on the nest and the Canada Geese … Continue reading

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While the “Majestics” wait for their eggs to hatch, several Canada Goose couples have already seen ¬†their eggs ¬†give way to fluffy goslings. The families mingled until no one seemed to know which baby belonged to which parent. I guess … Continue reading

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Swan Spring

It felt so nice to steal a few moments with the camera. The Grist Mill Pond in Plymouth was teaming with new life. Mr. and Mrs. Majestic are patiently waiting on their nest.

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Soft Kitty

Anyone out there a fan of the Big Bang Theory? If you are the you know when Sheldon gets sick he has to have someone (usually Penny) sing “Soft Kitty” to him. Where is this going you ask? Well the … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

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My Neighbor’s Cat

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