Lunch in The Courtyard

I was very thrilled that I managed to get out of the gondola after our ride and not fall into the canal. I was assured that they hadn’t lost a guest overboard yet that day and I didn’t want to be the first.

Decorations for the Chinese New Year were everywhere. We plan to see the Bellagio Gardens eventually but the display here at the Grand Canal Shoppes was pretty amazing.

DSC_0487 copy

DSC_0485 copy

After taking our fill of pictures of the Year of the Sheep we headed back toward the exit.

DSC_0488 copy

Since it was lunchtime we decided a good place for  lunch was in the courtyard by the canal. We hadn’t been seated very long before costumed performers took center stage. The performances were marvelous.

DSC_0490 copy

It was easy to forget you were just inside a well decorated mall.

DSC_0497 copy

The way the facades were lit and the ceiling reflected light, it was easy to think you were outside, canal side in Venice.

Of course you can’t forget the food. Cibo molto buono!

IMG_20150119_141734 copy

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