It’s Christmas Eve

I just wrapped up my last minute errands so I’m all set for tomorrow. The house may not be perfect but it’s in better shape this year than ever before. The cats are both well and content. I have an awesome job with awesome people. I have much to be thankful for. In fact, I should be so happy that I’d be turning cartwheels if I could!


Then I turned on the TV. It was set to a news channel. What was the lead story? Another police shooting in MO., a white police officer and a minority teenager. It breaks my heart. This one was also fatal. These are mistakes that can’t be taken back. Once done its done. The family grieves but the officer will never be the same again either. I don’t know if it was a justified shooting or not and I, unlike many, will not judge because I wasn’t walking in either parties shoes.


Want to know  what the follow up story was? A shooting in an Atlanta movie theater! At least in this one no police were involved and the injured parties will survive. But I can’t help but ask myself how we reached this point.

I am not a proponent of gun control. I don’t want to ban handguns and rifles, maybe assault weapons, but not the rest. I grew up around guns. I had my own 22 and a 30-06. Shooting was fun. My family all hunted and we ate the meat from our kill but pointing a gun at another human being…it would never have crossed our minds.


It’s Christmas Eve. This should be a happy time of hope and joy. Instead families are grieving and fingers are being pointed.  Police are on guard and demonstrators are out of control. This is a sad state any time of year …but come on people! According to legend, even a war stopped for Christmas! (The Christmas truce  was a series of widespread but unofficial ceasefires along the Western Front around Christmas 1914)

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My wish this year is for Peace and Understanding to touch the hearts and minds of all. Santa, please bring JOY to the World!


God Bless Us Every one!


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