Almost Done

I’m just waiting for the microwave range hood to arrive and get installed and the kitchen will be done. Well at least the parts that the contractors are doing. As soon as that’s installed I’ll post the pictures of the “finished product”. There are still some small sections that need to be painted but I’m going to take care of those myself. In my spare time.


Shush Mouse! I WILL get  it done!

I keep thinking about a Christmas Tree. With all the kitchen work I still have boxes ¬†around and there’s so little time. For years I didn’t bother with one but for some reason I really want to put one up in the window this year. I don’t mean my little 3 ft tree, more like a 6 ft tree. Of course it will be artificial. I don’t want my cats trying to eat the needles on a real tree and I don’t want to spend all winter picking needles out of the carpet. So I guess I’ll be tree shopping this weekend.


I had to share this picture with you. My Bud-man looked so peaceful and cute stretched out on my bed. He takes it over for himself. I make the bed every morning but by night time it’s always messed up again as Buddy crawls under the covers throughout the day. At least I caught this one when he was on top of the covers and not just a lump.

Budman1 003 copy

Rocky has always been a drooler. I was told by my vet that it was a sign of how contented he was with me. A very wet compliment. But Buddy hasn’t ever shown any inclination to drool. He’s more likely to bite you but about 4 am yesterday morning I was awakened by something warm and wet near my ear. As I reached up to wipe it away I realized it wasn’t just near my ear, it was in my hair to the point that my head was quite wet. Who was the drooling culprit? Buddy! He was purring up a storm and snuggled as tight to my head as he could get.

Needless to say I washed my hair when I got up but I couldn’t help feeling that maybe this was a breakthrough. Buddy is a good kitty but he has his difficult moments and I’ve really been trying to build a bond. I hope the drooling was a good sign.



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