Dino Land or Into the Fog!

Dusk was fast approaching. The twilight time when shadows lengthen and imagination runs wild.  dinoland 082 copy

We watched the “Great Pumpkin” wow the crowd and explored the exhibits tucked in the entry square and then it was time to take that first step.

dinoland 033 copy

Once you start down that path there’s no turning back. You enter the world of the dinosaur. Sounds wash over you like a wave. Birds calling, strange growls and grunts, some distant thunder.

dinoland 053 copy

Fog, misty, creepy fog clings to the trail and plants. Pumpkin displays and jack-o-lanterns line the path but you know there is more.

dinoland 045 copy

You can hear them, even sense them and there looming out of the gloom is your first dinosaur.

dinoland 042 copy

Jurassic Park in the northeast. A pterodactyl takes flight and a baby raptor bounces  in the bushes waving his tiny hands.

dinoland 072 copy

They are all here. Allosaurus, stegosaurus, and triceratops. The Famous Tyrannosaurus Rex. More fog drifts past as the atmosphere deepens. More thunder and now there’s lightning.

dinoland 074 copy

You hear the rumbling almost before you see it. The great brontosaurus, traveling in a herd, stomachs growling like a bad case of indigestion. Thunder lizards!

dinoland 055 copy

Let you imagination soar. Go at dusk, not during the day. Experience the atmosphere. Imagine it. You’ve entered the land of the lost.

dinoland 068a copy

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