A Little River Cruise

I had to get out. Summer is almost over and I’ve done NOTHING! I know you’ve heard it all before but I really had to try to get out so I bought a ticket on the River Quest Lighthouse Cruise. River Quest runs cruises on the lower end of the Connecticut River. I’ve been on a couple of their Eagle Cruises.

It takes about 2 hours to get there but the cruises are always fun. relaxing and educational. The lighthouse cruise is only done once a year and it’s the only cruise that leaves the Connecticut River and ventures into the Long Island Sound.

So here are a few images from my day:

Good morning! alarm

2 hours later there’s the Goodspeed Opera House!

Conn Cruise 001 copy

A Eagle!

Conn Cruise 011 copy

Look what happens when you do not get the proper permits!

Conn Cruise 071

Bass Fishing

Conn Cruise 005 copy

My spare car is a Helicopter…how’d you like to commute with that?

Conn Cruise 034 copy


Conn Cruise 019 copy

and more Osprey

Conn Cruise 020 copy

One More Osprey

Conn Cruise 074 copy


Oh those poor people who live along the river. (They are all either attorneys or car salesmen)

Conn Cruise 013 copy Conn Cruise 015 copy Conn Cruise 018a copy

The rest of the poor people have boats.

Conn Cruise 023 copy

I 95 just ahead.

Conn Cruise 028 copy

Under  I 95.

Conn Cruise 030 copy

Let’s go to the town dock for a little fishing.

Conn Cruise 032 copy

There’s the Acela train!

Conn Cruise 036 copy

This little lighthouse is actually a room for rent.

Conn Cruise 043 copy

There’s the first lighthouse.

Conn Cruise 050 copy

Lighthouse one and two.

Conn Cruise 048 copy

The breakwater lighthouse.

Conn Cruise 057 copy Conn Cruise 052 copy

Now that’s what I call “Gone Fishing”

Conn Cruise 056 copy

St. John’s Boys School for troubled youths.

Conn Cruise 014 copy

Gillette Castle

Conn Cruise 079 copy

Jet Skis on the river

Conn Cruise 072 copy

Wave to the Becky Thatcher!

Conn Cruise 081 copy

Heading back to the dock.

Conn Cruise 062 copy

We’re back in Eagle Park. Time for lunch.

Conn Cruise 084 copy




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