Still Alive

Hi everyone. I’m still alive and kicking. I think I hit the “painful” stage of the shingles. The more the rash heals (its almost gone) the more I have the “phantom” pains. They are like they are buried deep and the “cramp” starts in the lower abdomen and runs around my side to my lower back.  One friend of mine said they sound like contractions. Since I’ve never given birth I can’t speak to that. Some are fairly mild but then one will hit that doubles me over and takes my breath away. Also can’t stand my clothes rubbing on my waistline. The doctor took pity on me and gave me lidocane patches. They help some but don’t eliminate it completely.

But speaking of doctors, mine is doing something that really concerns me. Her office has been making appointments for me without asking me first. Last week it was with the physical therapist who had the good sense to call me. PT is on the agenda and we found a time that worked.


Yesterday I got a letter telling me they made an appointment for me with an eye specialist.  I already had my annual eye exam and the specialist they made it with is terrible. I went to him once and will never go back again. Of course it’s the weekend so I can’t make my feelings known until Monday. Maybe that’s a good thing because right now I’d probably yell at them. I think they are being very presumptuous.  I need to nip this trend right now!

I am not senile and I am quite capable of handling my own appointments. I could understand the PT. My doctor told me they would be calling but this eye exam…not gonna happen.

Well a friend of mine had a birthday this week so I’m going to try to have a nice  lunch with her. Fingers crossed  my aches and pains behave.

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