Cades Cove, Worth a Return trip?

After my disappointing experience on the train I wanted to cheer myself back up. The rain had finally passed and the sun had come out. The lovely clouds that form in the valleys  had dissipated by the time I retrieved my car and started back to Gatlinburg so I made the return trip through Newfound Gap without lingering. As a result I was nearing the fork to Cades Cove while the sun was just dipping down toward the horizon. Do I take a drive through or not??? I decided that yes, I wanted one more visit.

It was later than my last trip so the shadows were longer in the fields and down right dark in the wooded areas. No bear this time but the deer were very active,

Tennessee2014 429a copy

At first I thought this one was a fawn with spots but it was really just the way its winter coat was shedding.

Tennessee2014 431a copy

This one is more like I’m used to seeing deer…in the woods, not the open meadows. I think it’s one of my favorite pictures.

Tennessee2014 440a copy

This one was taken in the woods right next to the car! It was so dark the picture almost didn’t come out. As it is there’s not much color to be seen.

Tennessee2014 437a copy

The males don’t seem as skittish as our local bucks. They are right out by the road.

Tennessee2014 441a copy

Glad I stopped.


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