Good Sunday Morning World

I knew I might miss a post here and there but not for the reason that occurred. I was expecting to post less because of my busy work schedule not because I got sick…sort of.

On Thursday I felt a little “off” but since I work from home it was easy to soldier on in a pair of sweats and a “T”. I didn’t have to get all dressed up for an office. Thursday night I was soooo tired As I sat on the couch I felt a little “prick” in the middle of my lower back. I thought maybe I’d gotten a bug bite. I reached behind and could feel blisters and they were damp. Poison ivy crossed my mind but it didn’t itch and I hadn’t been in the woods in 2 weeks? I was mystified.

Friday morning when I got up the rash had spread and my back ached. So now my right side hurt as much as my left side which always hurts these days. Oh Joy. 🙁

I decided if it didn’t go away overnight that I’d go to urgent care first thing in the morning.

Well, Saturday morning I was at urgent care by 10 am. The rash had spread and was now all around my waist. It felt tight and my back ached a lot now. It was a 2 + hour wait to be seen but eventually a very nice young woman came in with her charts. After one look she asked me if I’d been sick, had chills or a fever or ever had chicken pox as a child. No, No, No, YES! and my brain had the answer before she cheerfully announced that I had a classic case of shingles.  (sigh)


I can expect 1-2 weeks of this before the rash has run it’s course. Hopefully that will be the end of it although pain has been known to linger for up to 4 weeks. She gave me an anti viral drug that will hopefully minimize the duration. It makes me sleepy.


Although other than the pesky back ache the pain hasn’t been bad, she said that could change (Oh Great, something to look forward to) and if it does to let them know and they would prescribe something for the pain.

So far in 2014 the stars in my financial house are shining brightly but the ones in the house of health seem to have taken a vacation.

So this weekend is flying past. Another beautiful weekend is passing me by. I expect I’ll take it easy at home today so probably won’t have much to share this week. So sorry folks. I’ll post what I can 🙂

Lets hope this is the last heath issue for 2014.


Barbecue Party Fun

Boston 034 copy

In spite of the annoying trek into Boston and the difficulty getting into the event, the Phantom Gourmet’s Barbecue Party was  a lot of fun. The entrance fee at the door was only $10.00 This did not include food or drink. That would have been too much to ask.

Boston 033 copy

The crowds were manageable and I didn’t see anyone intoxicated. The Beer Garden was a great place to grab a seat and watch the crowds. A DJ had the music rockin’ and the weather was perfect.

Boston 038 copy

What seemed to be a high point was a Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. The winner gets to move on to the big contest at Coney island. Why would anyone want to do that to themselves? I couldn’t watch!

Boston 041 copy

In fact, I found that my 4 ribs from the Chicago Barbecue had me filled up completely. I wanted to try the Tennessee Barbecue.

Boston 032 copy

I’d really liked it when I was in Tennessee and I’d promised a taste of Barbecue from down under, The Aussie tent. Didn’t make that either.

Boston 028 copy

But sitting in the shade in the beer garden, listening to the music and watching the crowds was a great afternoon.

Boston 030 copy

Photo of the week ~ 25

This week’s Photo of the week had a real nautical theme. That crazy Humpback , Hancock had 3 photos in the running and his antics carried the day. Weighing in with a total of 25 points Tail Waving is the photo of the day.

Tail Waving

Whales 065a copy

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See you there!

Phantom Gourmet’s Barbecue Beach Party

As I came down the steps and made a left on Congress St I spotted the first check point. It was a place to check your bags. Boston has become very paranoid since the Marathon Bombing, not than anyone can blame them, but I hadn’t thought of that when I packed the camera bag for my trek into the city.

Now as I stood in front of the kiosk collecting bags I was stumped. No way was I leaving my camera bag with the spare lens, batteries and filters. I decided to try to talk my way in.

The first spot told me no but they pointed to another person in a red shirt. (Star Trek fans all know what it means to wear a red shirt).

red shirt

He also said no but I argued that it was just a camera and he could look at it. I had nothing to hide. He sent me to his supervisor. Now I began to get somewhere. He said there was an exception for cameras.

I purchased my ticket and went back to the gate where I was once again turned away. By now my journey from Taunton with the Red line issues and all the walking  was taking it’s toll. I could feel my irritation starting to grow.  I reminded myself that you get more flies with honey, took a deep breath and tried again. This time I pointed out the person who had told me I could take the camera bag in. He must have been important because the attitude changed immediately.

I still had a security line to go through. As soon as I stepped up I was treated with much more respect. In fact the security guy checking my bags said he saw me when I first approached and was surprised when I was turned away. He saw the monopod and knew I had a camera. He apologized and said some people just let power go to their heads! He told me to go on in and enjoy myself!

Boston 024 copy

More stairs loomed ahead. I saw kiosks for Ice Cream , fried dough, soft drinks and popcorn but where was the barbecue?Boston 023 copy

Just then my way was blocked by a vision from the past. Some kind of Raptor blocked my way. The smell of roasting meat must have called him back from the past.

Boston 022a copy

Taking a deep breath I tackled these cement steps. At the top I found the barbecue!

Boston 029 copy

Wonderful smells drifted on smoke across the plaza.

Boston 037 copy

A beer garden was set up along one side where there was lots of seating whether you were drinking or not.

Boston 025 copy

I got in line for the first Barbecue I saw, Chicago Ribs. I got a small rib sampler and  bottled water. Very filling, Very good! Dry rub , sauce on the side. But there’s 5 more kinds to try, even one from Australia!

Boston 036 copy