Sky High In Gatlinburg

Tummy happy it was time to try out Gatlinburg’s Space Needle.

Gatlinburg 038

The tower takes you up above Gatlinburg about 400 ft. It’s located in an arcade. Not quite the same as the Space Needle in Seattle which is all high tech and sparkly new looking.

Space Needle, Seattle

Space Needle, Seattle

This space needle is more rustic, rough around the edges, the elevator isn’t the high speed top of the line mechanical marvel as in Seattle but it got the job done.

Once on top you look out over the whole city. Up here in the sky there’s a breeze that you don’t get a street level. It’s so much cooler that the folks up there with me were all commenting on it. Since it was easily ¬†high 80’s at street level, this cool oasis was a welcome change.

No one seemed to be in a hurry to go back down. Many choosing to sit on the metal benches and enjoy the view.

Gatlinburg 078

There were information boards for each direction.

Gatlinburg 063

Gatlinburg 077

Gatlinburg 076

These gave me the best overview of the layout and what to expect of anything I’d come across at this point.

Gatlinburg 065

Gatlinburg 064


Gatlinburg 071

I wasn’t careful when taking the pictures. I just walked around the observation platform clicking pictures of the views. It was after I’d done that I noticed the boards. He are some of the other pictures but I don’t know which are north, south east or west.

Gatlinburg 068 Gatlinburg 070

And the little wedding chapel that started it all! Now there are cute little wedding chapels all over.

Gatlinburg 074

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