Let Confusion Reign

What is wrong with me? Did I forget to pack the well planned and organized me?

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I arrived at the condo without a hitch. I checked in and was immediately introduced to Jessie and Branden, the 2 concierges. Jessie you may recall had reached out to me before my trip. Even more impressive is that she remembered me and our conversation. They gave me a welcome packet and a jar of local honey, made tons of suggestions for how to spend my time and made me promise to let them know if I needed anything, any thing at all!

Now after unpacking I am on my way to find someplace for dinner and a grocery store for breakfast items and I realize I have no idea what I’m going to be doing the next couple of days! I planned my vacation. I did it right here in these posts but now that I’m actually here I feel like I would be just as happy to plop myself out on that porch and just relax. Who wants to run around all over. Why not just sit back and relax?

TN 124

I need to give myself a shake. As nice as that might be I can do that at home. Why spend all that time and money not to explore the sights. But what to do first? I feel almost as if I’m frozen with indecision. There are too many choices and I want to do them all.

I had a pleasant dinner at a little road side stand. Barbecue ribs, onion rings and something called “apple sticks”.


The closest thing I can compare this to is a skinny McDonald’s apple pie. The whole meal was good but those apple sticks were The Best! And the whole thing only cost $11:00 , soft drink included! I am beginning to understand why I haven’t seen any thin women yet. Rich barbecue sauces and all that deep frying… oh my, my arteries are groaning already!

Since I was on a mission I didn’t take my camera with me. Big mistake. I saw so many quaint churches, run down barns and shacks that would make the best pictures. But eventually I found a Walmart. I picked up a few things for breakfast and headed back. The shadows were getting long now and I wanted to see if I could figure out a game plan.

Maybe getting a good night’s sleep would make it easier to decide what to do tomorrow. My travel day is catching up with me.

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