Sibling Rivalry in Vegas?

I’m still exploring Free things to do in Vegas. I’m pretty sure our budget will be tight so I figure we should do the Free things first and save our money incase we run out of Free things to do.

The Forum Shops at Caesars sounds like a place to go shopping so I was just going to skip right over that. I’m not much of a shopper as anyone who has ever looked in my closet can attest. As my waistline has expanded  and my need for business attire has diminished my wardrobe has shrunk accordingly. Jeans, sweats and T’s are my wardrobe du jour. But then my curiosity got the better if me. What did it mean by “Fall of Atlantis” at Caesars Forum Shops?


A little more google and voila! I have answers! 🙂

This was the best description:

Fall of Atlantis at Caesars Forum Shops Description:

The Atlantis Shows inside the Forum Shops is sibling rivalry at its fiercest. Sure, you may have once fought over toys, food or even listened in on each other’s phone calls with your own brother or sister, but this feud is like no other. 


Roaring fires. Splashing waters. Thunderous sounds. A huge, horrific beast. These all come into play in the free 11-minute show. Get your video camera ready for the dramatic, mind-blowing special effects, neon lights and the surrounding fountains. For a second, you’ll forget you’re in a mall.

Witness the fall of Atlantis reenacted by 9-foot-tall lifelike animatronic statues (and a scary 20-foot winged dragon) costumed in armor and leather by the legendary Hollywood blacksmith company Sword & Stone. 


The tale begins with King Atlas deciding whether his son or daughter should take over in ruling Atlantis. Greed and haughtiness get the best of the two as they brag about how one’s ability is better than the other. The sister waves her staff and shows off her water power. On the flip side, the brother waves his torch and bursts of flames erupt all around him. The warmth of the heat is shockingly strong. You can also feel the sound waves.

The family learns the ultimate lesson — let’s just say it doesn’t result in a “time-out.”  The decision falls out of the father’s hands and the other gods show their wrath with the Fall of Atlantis. A terrifying beast with wings appears from behind Atlas’ throne and watches the destruction of Atlantis. The ferocious flames and wild water effects prove that these guys are serious.

Be sure to get to the show a few minutes early to grab a good spot since it tends to fill up fast. You’ll find it next to Nike and the Cheesecake Factory. 


Before or after the show, make sure to check out the 50,000-gallon saltwater aquarium behind the Fall of Atlantis. The breathtaking aquarium features more than 300 fish. You can walk right up to the glass and snap amazing shots of stingrays, flounders, tropical puffers and other fish you’d see in Disney’s “Finding Nemo.” Another plus? There are plenty of places to sit around the aquarium. Lose track of time while you watch in awe.

Sounds like another “Not to Miss” experience!



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