Whether I go to Indiana this year or another year, I will get there and now I have even more reason to go. One of the reasons I post my thoughts on my various vacation plans is because I get such great suggestions from you, my readers. Case in point, one of the comments on my Indiana post suggested including a visit to Metamora.

I will freely admit that I had never heard of Metamora and maybe that’s not so unusual because on the home page of it’s website , Metamora is described as Indiana’s Best Kept Secret.

I love hidden gems. We’ve had such good luck finding them in our travels, my sister and me. Probably due to my sister’s good attitude… we’re not lost, we’re sight- seeing.

Anyway Metamora is described as a Canal Town. Having grown up near the Erie Canal I know what that means but as far as I know we don’t have any horse or mule drawn canal boats anymore on the Erie. Well Metamora does. Isn’t that cool? I wonder if we can ride on one?


They have a Grist Mill too. We have one in Plymouth  and they are great photo ops.


You know what else they have? A train ride. That’s always a big hit on my trips. I love taking vintage train rides.


And they have a covered bridge but it covers an aqueduct.  Metamora has the only wood aqueduct still in service in this   country.  It was built to carry the canal 16 feet above the Duck Creek.

aquaductheadNow this kind of stuff gets me excited for vacation. The only problem is that it’s too far from the timeshare location. I would need to arrange to stay in a local Bed and Breakfast or motel. Not that  that’s a bad thing, just that it changes the cost of the vacation a bit.

But Metamora certainly moves Indiana up on my must see list! Thanks for the tip.

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  1. 🙂 You know if we didn’t do all that sight seeing we you never know that some of the places we have been to exists. Now this place sounds like fun.

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