Blue Skies

Talk about coincidence. I recently started reading Robyn Carr Books. I got hooked on her novels with a series called Virgin River Series. 

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I have been trying to track down all of the novels in that series. She’s a little bit of a departure from my usual reading. The Virgin River Series follows the lives of the residents of Virgin River. A little rural town in the mountains near Oregon. The series is a little like a soap opera in a book but there’s no infidelity, rather  mishaps like a lost hunter, a forest fire, a school bus crash and so on. Things that could happen in any small town. The same characters are in each novel and you can follow their lives. Things like how they met their spouses, their births of their children, and how little misunderstanding  an get twisted around until , in the end, it all works out.


While browsing in a used book store  for another of her novels I ran across a book titled Blue Skies. It was by Robyn Carr but it wasn’t part of her Virgin River Series. When I couldn’t find any of those that I hadn’t read, I decided to pick up this book.

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Little did I know that it would be a great supplement to what was going on with Southwest. Southwest Airlines is currently dealing with the embarrassment of having one of their passenger jets land at the wrong airport. Blue Skies is about the start up of a low cost airline as the other larger carriers struggle with the changes and realities of air travel since 9/11.


As I was reading I thought that one of the airlines in the book reminded me of Southwest. It had been a start-up not that many years ago and was dealing with the issues of growing into a major carrier. It had gone from a tiny local carrier to a much larger one and with the growth came the employee unrest, budget issues and all of the other headaches.


The principal characters leave the struggling Aries Airline to join another start-up. Of course the book is about the characters and the airline is just the back drop but it’s a fun read.  At one point Nikki reminisces with her friend Dixie about how air travel has changed, how back in the day the crew were like “rock stars” and treated with respect and people dressed in their Sunday best and were polite. (I remember traveling like that)

Sexy Stewardesses (21)

Dixie’s comeback was and they made the “stews” weigh in before each flight and issued padding if you weren’t endowed enough.


I guess the romance of flying depended on where you were on the organizational chart.


It’s a fun book and easy reading but it was perfect timing considering the Southwest debacle.

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