All is Calm

Christmas is behind us for another year. Calm has returned to the condo. I don’t even have children and it can get hectic as kitties tear into catnip mousies and wrapping paper.

But not this year!?

Christmas morning around my house was pretty quiet. My cats and I all slept in. Yup, one of their gifts to me I guess. It was  9:30 am before I woke up and not a creature was stirring unless it was a mouse. The 3 cats were still down for the count. I couldn’t believe I’d slept so late!

Centers2013 002 copy

I really wanted to give the cats their stockings. Yes I stuff a stocking each year. They each got a cat toy, a couple cans of specialty cat food like Fancy Feast or Blue Buffalo, some cat nip and cat treats but no one was interested.

I opened the Cat’s Meow toy only to find the dreaded words “Batteries Not Included”. Now why couldn’t they have printed that on the side of the box somewhere? I even checked last week! Maybe the CVS store is open on Christmas? I know Walmart is closed.

KatsKristmas 002 copy

I tossed out a toy mouse but only got “The Look” then the 3 cats pealed off to go find more naps. Hmmm. No interest in boxes, or wrapping or toys. That’s quite the switch for my silly boys.

Midway through the Disney Christmas parade Rocky threw up breakfast.  The other 2 cats ignored the interruption. Rocky isn’t the cat that usually throws up. Both Smokey and Buddy are  more prone to tummy issues. Smokey gets hair balls and Buddy  eats too fast sometimes. He tends to “projectile  vomit”. Both send out a volume of sick up that is amazing for their size ( and pretty yucky for me) but Rocky not so much, so I wondered what he might have gotten into.

I didn’t find any plastic or chewed up tape  so maybe he just didn’t feel good. A couple hours later after another nap he seemed back to normal.

I got a book from the cats. Shadow Woman by Linda Howard and settled in for a day of reading. I have 2 problems when I read. 1. I read too fast and the book is done too soon and 2. Once I get “into” a book it’s hard to put it down.. The two problems mean that the book was finished by early evening. Bummer. Over too soon.

Santarocky 002a copy

I hope everyone had a nice day too!

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