2013 Taunton Green

Christmas is almost here and I still hadn’t found time to take pictures of the Taunton Green. I started photographing The Green 3 years ago in 2010. I know that isn’t that long but I didn’t have the camera before that! 🙂 Now I consider it a tradition and as I explained in my last post about the lighting of the Green, this year is special. It’s the 100th year.

Taunton Green 2013 002 copy

So with the clock ticking I braved the rain, yes rain and headed to the Green. It’s about 38 degrees and raining off and on. It’s rained all day, sometimes quite hard. It’s seemed to be tapering off since I headed out. Northern New England got an ice storm and snow so I guess I should be counting my blessings.

Taunton Green 2013 007 copy

I covered the camera with a plastic baggie with a hole cut for the lens but found it hard to see through the viewfinder. I decided to gamble and take the baggie off. I kept it handy incase the rain started again.

Remember the big round things that were being built? Turns out they were layers of a cake.

sat morning 003 copy

There’s the Christmas City banner along with Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays and lots of trees.

Taunton Green 2013 012 copy

We have a Nativity Scene and Elves and lots and lots of lights.

Taunton Green 2013 016 copy

The rain started again so I’m wrapping up the shoot. I hope you enjoy this peak at the Green 2013.

Taunton Green 2013 015 copy

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