Intermission at The Fantasia was a chance to rake the ring and set up for the rest of the show.

horse show 359 copy

The first act after the Intermission was called Take You Higher. It was clear from the set up that it would involve jumping but I wasn’t expecting the show that we got.

horse show 379 copy

Did you know that a miniature horse can jump just about as high as a full sized horse?

horse show 369 copy

That’s what this little demonstration was all about. First the miniatures , then the full size. Then the bar was raised and around they went again.

horse show 383 copy

As I recall the bar was raised 3 times before they started knock the top rail off.

horse show 392 copy

The Friesian Spectacular was a real crowd pleaser. Clay Maier rode one horse while driving a 2nd.

horse show 401 copy

It’s pretty amazing to see the coordination between the two horses and one rider

horse show 407 copy

But just in case that wasn’t exciting enough for you, The Canadian Cowgirls were back.

horse show 418 copy

Their show was exciting enough to be the finale.

horse show 436 copy

You know, the last song or dance in a show that brings everyone to their feet?

horse show 430 copy

horse show 442 copy

But there was one last segment.

horse show 443 copy

Look familiar?


And then it was time to fight the crowds and the cold and the traffic and head for home.

I apologize for the poor quality of some of the photos. I need much more expensive equipment to avoid so much noise in low light situations, but even with the shortcomings, I had to share.

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