The Fantasia

Billed as  “A Musical Celebration of the HORSE”, Fantasia is a separate show, separate admission, that wraps up the night.


Most of the people I spoke with go every year.

horse show 259 copy

I had a great seat. I was near an entry/exit to the ring and only 1 tier up. The lighting by now was all artificial. It was full dark outside so no light from the windows to help. As good as my seat was, it was still too far for a flash to be any help. Photography would be a challenge, for sure.

horse show 261 copy

The first act, Jeff Wilson riding Delview Catskill Valiant (Morgan) was done with the lights out. Just a spotlight followed the pair. I just didn’t have the equipment to capture that and some of the other acts with similar lighting.

horse show 269 copy

The Opening Ceremony consisted of 3 parts.  A solo ride on a Morgan, The Canadian Cowgirls Drill Team and The National Anthem/Our Heroes.

horse show 275a

Melissa Serra performed the National Anthem and it was magnificent, a beautiful rendition but the segment titles “Our Heroes” had me fighting tears, it was so beautiful.

horse show 278 copy

Next up…Extreme Roman Riding

horse show 289 copy

The rider did all the stunts standing on the backs of his pair of Paints.

horse show 301 copy

He did jump the Fire but I only caught the moment after he landed.

horse show 302 copy

Patriotic Fusion was next. A Quarter Horse and rider. A serious piece and demonstration.

horse show 304 copy

Followed by some fun. Chariots of Fire started out with quite the surprise! 2 Roman Chariots each drawn by a miniature donkey.

horse show 312 copy

The crowd roared with approval. So cute, but that wasn’t all.

horse show 314 copy

After a couple of swings around the ring the gates opened again and they were joined by a miniature horse ! That miniature horse was so fat it made me think of a pot bellied pig.

horse show 316 copy

These were the warm up show for the big boys.

horse show 319 copy

horse show 320 copy

horse show 318 copy

horse show 328 copy

horse show 337 copy

Remember those funny little horses? the Icelandic. They had their own segment called Icelandic Fairy Tails.

horse show 353 copy

horse show 347a copy

horse show 344 copy

And the last act before Intermission was visiting from “Down Under” The “Aussie” Cowboy and his “brumbies” His Outback Gang.

horse show 355 copy

During admission the horse show equivalent of the Zamboni prepared the ring for the 2nd half.

horse show 356 copy

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